A sissy, yes I am ;)

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Not verified transgender
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Signed on Feb 10, 2021
height 178
Weight 82

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I try to keep up with the "training": Started to shave my legs my whole body must be smooth I am doing some workout, mostly to get a bigger booty attract as many cocks as possible Buying sexy lingerie and fetish stuff....more and more..... Dressing up an playing in front of the mirror Have my own complete makeup set and using it to be a perkect sissy girl Butplug is in my pussy more often then ever before....sometimes just pussy must be well trained Spending time on PH, XH and some other sites... talking dirty with my friends an searching for good porn and cock pisc Training my pussy with my dildo [ oh yea....I thold my gf first that is for her.....ha, ha.... ] In the future I will make some great videos an pictures for all my friends here... Dont be shy, and message me == Results from == 100% Submissive 100% Slave 100% Degradee 100% Rope bunny