Site Responsibilities

Meet in Chat is an open and responsible chat site that will always fully comply with laws that safeguard its users and outside parties.

We ask that all of our members respect our terms and conditions at all times, and that they treat each other with respect. They are all responsible for what they post and should be fully aware that any breach of the terms and conditions that they agreed to adhere to when they signed up may result in the cancellation of their account.

We have moderators online 24 hours a day who will endeavour to monitor all content that is posted by our members. We have an easy-to-use report system that will enable us to track down and delete any inappropriate or illegal content that is posted, as well as immediately banning those responsible for posting such material.

If any of our members are deemed to have broken any laws or are under investigation of having done so, we ask law enforcement agencies to contact us immediately and we will be happy to help them in any way that we can. We will provide IP addresses of anybody who the authorities wish to question, and timestamps for any illegal content they may have posted.