The following document governs user conduct in any of the services on this website. Users who choose to disregard conduct rules on this website will be disciplined consequently. Depending upon the infraction, our response may include removing the user or reporting conduct (with proof as well as access to upload and chat logs) to law enforcement personnel with jurisdiction in users' locations.

Every user who enters this website must be 18 years or older.

Users under the age of 18 years are not permitted to enter and use services provided by website in any manner. If we find any user below the age of 18, he/she will be banned permanently. 

Upload, post and share only appropriate and legal content to website.

Posting or sharing links containing illegal and undesirable content is prohibited on this website.

  • Do not post, stream or share any content that is under copyright by an entity other than yourself. This includes embody design, video, animation, audio recordings, works of fiction and other forms of content.
  • Do not share any content portraying minors (individuals below the age of 18) for any reason, in any circumstance. This includes creating relationships to underage persons whether real or fictitious in an exceedingly "role playing" context.
  • Do not share any content depicting sexual activity with animals or containing incest, rape, violence or cruelty.
  • Do not share any content promoting racism or violence against any ethnic, national, economic, spiritual group or an individual's gender in any manner.
  • Do not use any username which depicts and/or promotes underage activity, racism or violence against any individual, country or any religious or social group.
  • Do not participate in revenge posting (sharing information or pictures in order to "get back" at someone).

Do not share or request any information thats reveals personal identity.

Any information regarding an individual, their family or friends, or any known associates including employer, full legal name, contact information (i.e phone number, residential or business/occupation address) should never be shared on our website through any means. The sharing of any such information will be considered as an attempt to harass, defame or incite violence against that person.

Do not harass other users.

Messages to any user for initial contact is okay, but If someone doesn't wish to talk with you, then do not be rude and do not try to abuse or defame that user by any medium. Do not attempt to force them to talk with you despite knowing  that the user is not interested in chatting with you, just move on.

Do not post or share any content including logs, copies, or screenshots of private conversations to other users or in a group. This will be considered as harassment against a user. Showing mentioned content as proof of misbehavior to moderators is allowed.

Do not harass moderators.

Moderators act to enhance the standard of our services by managing users who create trouble. If a moderator takes action that you disagree with you may contact us at with an outline and proof of any problematic behavior. Do not harass moderators concerning their actions or discuss moderator actions publicly. Moderators are chatters like you and are entitled to equal protection against harassment that are provided to other users.

Do not impersonate any other person.

Impersonation of other persons will lead to being permanently banned from this website. This expressly includes all users of our service, all moderators and employees. In addition, impersonation of any public figure will not be tolerated. This may be viewed as an attempt to harass or smear any given figure and could lead to criminal or civil liability for such actions.

Do not spam or flood.

Chat or postings with intention to attract users toward an outside website will be considered as spam. Doing this continuously, particularly with the help of automation tools, constitutes flooding. Users who spam or flood will be banned automatically.

  • Posts containing contact or and personal identifiable information will be considered spam.
  • Posts containing basic information about yourself appealing for private messages at the end, may be considered spam.

Do not attack or obstruct any person using services provided by this website under above defined rules.

Any intent to hack, intercept communication to gain control over the service or any users connected to the service, or interfere with the power of the service to perform at its full capability, will not be tolerated. Any person doing so is subject to prosecution under numerous national and international fraud and intrusive laws and/or liable for civil damages.

These rules are unalterable.

Disciplinary actions issued for violating these guidelines are final. 

These rules are contractual.

Users who come to this website agree to abide by user conduct rules. The utilization of our website constitutes agreement with the rules mentioned above. 

These rules are subject to change.

These rules may be changed for any reason at any time.  This content will be accessible and introduced to all persons when utilizing our website. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for not following them. Use of the website, regardless of whether rules are altered, constitutes agreement with the rules.