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Florence, South Carolina

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Speaking of oneself is it the ego wishing it be true, or is it really the truth of oneself. Tending to explore what or who I am now rather than what I was. I have spent most of this life playing instruments, writing, enjoying nature, and getting to know others. I have explored many religions. Overall let's chat, flirt, play. See where it goes. I am mostly excelled in string instruments though I have experience in some percussion, and others. I have played, and learned a large number of styles from blues, classical, country, folk, jazz, hip-hop/rap, pop, rock( including grunge, metal, punk,) traditional among others. I do mostly originals with some covers. I play banjo, bass, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, lap harp, some piano, drums, and vocals. == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Exhibitionist 100% Voyeur 96% Experimentalist 79% Non-monogamist 79% Primal (Prey) 73% Primal (Hunter) 73% Switch 68% Vanilla 67% Rigger 61% Rope bunny 56% Submissive 53% Owner 52% Dominant 50% Master/Mistress 48% Pet 48% Masochist 47% Boy/Girl 44% Daddy/Mommy 44% Slave 43% Degrader 43% Sadist 42% Degradee 42% Brat tamer 40% Ageplayer 37% Brat


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