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How To Satisfy Her Like A Goddess

The Fine Tricks

Okay, there are two possibilities for why you are reading this article. First, you are going out with a super hot girl and you do not want to disappoint her in bed. The second option is that you are a super hot guy and want to prove yourself by giving a woman the best performance possible! Whatever the reason is - here are our top tips on how to fuck her like a whore and treat her like a queen!

1. Intimacy = Confidence

Okay, let’s clear things up. Poking her from the back has nothing to do with sexual intimacy. Women do not like this, tehy do not do it, and they do not expect this to be called “sex”. Sex is a play of confidence. Show her what a guy you are. 

Text her all day, playing it confidently. One of the best websites you chat with a sex partner is at Meet in Chat. Tell her what you want to do to her. Tell her what she is going to scream. But this is not the only thing to do. Be firm but also gentle in your actions. Pay enough attention to her needs, erogenous zones, and desires! This will surely bring her to the mood you want her to feel!

2. Dirty Talk

Voice is the biggest turn on for everyone, and guess what all you have to do is just open your mouth and be creative! Be a gentleman and tell her how beautiful she is today. Touch her face tenderly and slowly and firmly move your hand on her neck. When you are kissing her, grab her by the neck and press her waist as close to you as possible.

Do not get restricted only to regular talks. Even if you are having sex on the kitchen table, and you are eating her out, you can talk! You can get more ideas from porn video websites like PornOne. Yes, this is not your mother’s rules but your own!

3. Breathplay

This is quite interesting! Breathing is not only a way to focus on your own pleasure but to please your partner, too. Inhaling and exhaling have the special quality to be airflows with different temperatures. When you inhale, the flow is cold, and when you exhale, it has already been in your body and has warmed up a little. This temperature difference can be the stimulation leading to heaven. It is a trigger for every single nerve in your body.

This basically means that it can work as a huge turn on not only on her lips but all over her skin. You do not have to do anything special. Just walk your lips from head to toes and breathe! Easy, right?

4. Surprise Her

It may sound quite basic and very trivial, but getting the unexpected is a huge turn on. Attention is guaranteed if you manage to give her some new moves, strokes, and positions. We all know how good sex is but the art of fuck comes when you fuck her in an unexpected manner, and it still feels fucking good, or shall I say…feels like good fucking?!

5. Biology Classes

What is very important, but men usually feel way too confident for no reason, is the biology of the human body. It is super simple, and men tend to underestimate it. After many minutes of play, women prefer mens’ tongue to go straight over their clitoris. Clittoris is not something to abuse, but also not a thing to ignore. A little at a time. Also, women do not usually enjoy spinning their nipples round and round as radio buttons.

Women just want men to give them enough attention. This is it. A little focus, light but proper efforts at a time, at a spot, sometimes combined, is quite enough!