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I got into writing short stories and reviews of sites back in 2015. I enjoyed getting paid for using my writing skills. I love adult sites. I go to adult sites everyday just for the fun of it. I must have visited hundreds of different sites. I could see the differences between sites in quality, design and price. Right now I’m reviewing some sites and they are pretty interesting. I tried many different adult chat sites. I tried various Reddit adult discussion groups, too. I like MiC (Meet in Chat). It really has some nice chat rooms with very little spam. Most of the users are talkative and like to share pics and videos. I was excited when I got the job for writing adult porn site reviews to post on MiC. I think chat room members are going to love these. They will read some pretty fascinating adult stories and thoughtful reviews.


I have many different interests and hobbies. My main interest is discovering adult porn sites. It’s pretty amazing the things they come up with. You could even sometimes see celebrities in porn, reality porn and many different fetishes. Don’t worry. Being addicted to porn is not like alcohol or tobacco. It probably means you will jerk off every day. My other interests are computer software and hardware, site scripts, rap music and deep meditations. Chat rooms are interesting for me. If you ever see me in a chat room, you will know I am the one writing the most mesmerizing stuff. I like watching the news about business, stock and investments. I also have a lovely collection of Chinese artifacts.

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