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SWAG Is Disrupting the Sex Industry

How SWAG Is Disrupting the Traditional Sex Industry in Asia

In North America, there are a handful of content-sharing platforms that allow creators to earn money online, Patreon and OnlyFans, but in Asia, this market is yet to be tapped, and SWAG is emerging as a primary platform to fill this void. When most people hear the word, “swag” they automatically think of a person’s sense of style or even about the quirky tech company t-shirts that are handed out at conferences that developers would do anything to get their hands on. In Asia, when people hear the word, “swag” they think of the quickest way of self pleasure.

SWAG was founded in 2016 as a social media app which would serve the Asian market as an alternative to a premium version of Snapchat. Content creators quickly realized that they were getting more views by uploading x-rated content which started a shift in direction. What is SWAG? SWAG is a content-sharing platform based in Taiwan. It enables content creators to sell videos, live stream, upload photos and engage in one-on-one chat for a price they pre-determine and set. The platform quickly became popular gaining over 200,000 members in the first month of operation, fast forward to 2020, the site boasts over 2M active monthly users and has set its sights on Western markets. Success overseas is guaranteed, since lovers of Asian models are usually hit with a wet blanket of pixelated genitals, whereas SWAG offers quality content with clear views.

How SWAG disrupts the traditional sex industry

The sex industry is not a new thing in Asia, we all know the abundance of countries that thrive on sex tourism. Enter SWAG. Operating out of Taiwan, the exposure they have managed to build in the Chinese community bridges the gap between adult and social that just makes sense. Although the industry isn’t as accepted as it is in the west, SWAG has been able to build a safe environment for models to slowly start their journey in the adult world.

Following in the steps of clip & camming sites in the West, SWAG allows content creators to take control of their brand from the comfort of home. This new breed of Porn Star is running the show, cutting out middle-men Producers, and setting her own prices for content. All while providing a uniquely intimate experience not possible with a paysite. Custom requests, private chat, and live stream shows allow Swaggers to connect directly with fans in an irresistible way.

This business model is catching on fast and it appears like everyone benefits from this arrangement. With all this going for it, the aptly named SWAG has more than earned its place on our collective radar. Visit them yourself, you’re sure to be thoroughly satisfied.