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Don’t believe how people act in pub

Don’t believe how people act in public

There are three sides to every single person on the planet. There’s the public person, the private person, and the personal person. Each one of them is very different from the other. If you know the public person, then you’re going to have no idea what the personal person is. The public person is the person that most other people see. It’s the person who goes to work and the person who goes out shopping. It’s the buttoned-up human being who completes tasks throughout the day and then disappears to go the place they call home. It’s also the person you see at big parties but never really get to know.

The private person is a little more laid back

If you’re very close to someone, you get to see their private personas. These are the friends that you can really talk to. You know more about them than any other person on the planet. You know who they have sex with and you might even have it with them. It’s a private but public persona and everyone decides who they share it with. It’s the person that you really feel that you can “be yourself” around, but you never actually are.

The Personal person is the real you

The real meat of a person is in their personal persona. This is who they really are. It’s also the person that no one ever gets to see. It’s always saved for the self and no one else. This is the person who eats over the sink to save dishes. This is the person who examines themselves in the mirror and frowns at all of their imperfections. This is the person who sits back in the middle of a day off and masturbates while eating ice cream and watching infomercials. This is the real person that you’ll never get to know unless you have access to voyeur cams.

Cameras are the only way to truly know someone

If you’re interacting with someone then you’re never going to know the real them. There are way too many layers of their personality to get through before you find the true person. That’s where voyeur cams come in. A voyeur always wants to see the real person and voyeur cams the only way to do it. Just look at a site like Voyeur Villa and you can see what people really get into when they’re all alone with themselves.

Don’t be afraid to watch

It doesn’t matter how embarrassing the things that people do when they’re in their personal personas. You never have to be afraid to watch them. There’s always something in the back of every person’s mind that makes them want to be seen. They secretly wish that their personal lives get made public and they’re seen as the deeply attractive humans that they want to be. They might look ridiculous while they’re violently assaulting their genitals in the shower, but they still want to be seen by the people who think it’s nothing but sexy. You can find people who are like that on  They actually film people in the privacy of their home at their most intimate moments so you should really check it out