Cuddles & Cutting

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Signed on Feb 17, 2020
height 5'6

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A fair-skinned, 34 toy, living in Canada. Love me with all of my cuts and bruises, and I'll let you fuck and use me.


Into: abuse, anal sex, asphyxiaphilia play, bad ideas, ball gags, basements, being a fuck toy, biting, blood play, bruises, brutal romance, choking play, collar and lead/leash (wearing), cuddles, cutting, face fucking, face slapping, fishnets, fisting (receiving), hair pulling, kindness, licking precum, massages, people cumming on my pictures, purposely making you hard in public, rough sex, scars, sexual objectification, spanking, spitting, squirting on your face, swallowing, toys, using random household items for completely perverted purposes, vegetables (everything to do with it) and watersports.