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Since my wife is addicted to shopping and online-gambling, she's always short of money. One day she asked me to 'pimp her out'. I couldn't not believe my ears. For a cuckold this is a dream come true. I love to pimp her as an (hotel)escort, where I watch while her customers fuck her. Yes, she blows bare, does anal, takes DP's (see background pic) and swallows the cum of her 'regular' customers (see profile pic). She also works in a 'cheap'-brothel here in The Netherlands. Please do not ask us for her prices; it's forbidden to solicit on this website and its not our intention for being here. To compensate me for my 'pimp-service', we visit swingclub-gangbangs actively. I love it when dozens of men 'run a train' over my wife. In just a few years over 1,100 complete strangers have fucked her. As you read, we both live our dream!