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Signed on Aug 22, 2020
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Sweet Sexy Strict BBW Mistress I am a person who can hold a conversation and is eager to learn new things. A listening ear that will provide thought invoking suggestions and or solutions. I am someone who is honest, friendly, approachable, and compassionate. I love museums, art, music, history, science, and culture. I have a sense of humor and am a genuinely happy person. I am a sexually open and free person in mind, body, and spirit. I would love to get to know more people who are also like minded. I have been experienced in BDSM as a Dominatrix/ Mistress for twenty years. I have a variety of areas I am very well versed just ask and I will happily answer any reasonable questions.


sissies, cuckolds, BDSM, submissive men, spanking, caning, cropping, cbt, nipple torture, anal training, anal play, gaping and stretching, body worship, biting, hair pulling, hand cuffs, occasional role play, extreme pain, Cross dressing, Transsexuals, some bondage, nude dares, oral training, sensual domination, objectification, cages, and keyholding. There are many more things on this list but it is way too long to spend hours writing it. I don't play with children, adult babies, or animals.