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This is the part I'm sure most of us hate. Let me start by saying first of all, in real life my name is Cindy. Apparently that is quite a common name on this site as I was unable to use it as part of my screen name. Secondly, and most important, please DO NOT SEND me a private message without making an open introduction. It doesn't end there, if you can't engage in respectful conversation in the open room, I doubt we will have anything meaningful to talk about privately. If, and only if, we have engaged in dialogue openly, and you would like to talk more privately, you may ask to do so. For those that have not read this, and just send a private message, you just missed your opportunity to chat further with me. With that all said, how do you go about describing yourself to make it appear you are sincere. I am a 60 year young Administrative professional. I believe I am attractive, although that is in the eye of the beholder. I was married to my children's father for many years. After his attention was turned toward someone else, we divorced. Shortly after my divorce from him, I met and fell in love with my soul mate, or at least I thought as the years went by. Unfortunately, she too had her attention turned toward another ending our 16 years of being committed to each other. My attraction continues to be toward the same gender as myself, so, if I don't respond to your instant message, it may be due, in part, that you didn't read this. I am not interested in seeing your manhood as your profile picture. Trust me, I have one that resembles what you have in my nightstand. More importantly in that regard, mine waits for me to finish what I need done before rolling over. I do not "skype" "cam" or "Kik" I do however have other social media mediums that I use for further advancing any meaningful conversations. If, and only if, there is a possibility of continuing to converse off this site, those social media methods may be disclosed on a mutual basis.


My interests. Again, always something that you never really know what to write. I'll start with simple things. I enjoy gardening, taking long walks on a sandy beach, watching the sunrise and sunset, preferably while walking on the beach. I enjoy taking long drives with no destination in mind. I love to play Bingo and penny slot machines at a local casino. Family dinners on Sunday is another of my favorites.