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height 5' 7"
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Upstate New York

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This is the part I'm sure most of us hate. How do you go about describing yourself to make it appear you are sincere. I am a 60 year young Administrative professional. I believe I am attractive, although that is in the eye of the beholder. My attraction is toward the same gender as myself, so, if I don't respond to your instant message, it may be due, in part, that you didn't read this. However, if you are polite in your introduction, I may engage you in conversation.


My interests. Again, always something that you never really know what to write. I'll start with simple things. I enjoy gardening, taking long walks on a sandy beach, watching the sunrise and sunset, preferably while walking on the beach. I enjoy taking long drives with no destination in mind. I love to play Bingo and penny slot machines at a local casino. Family dinners on Sunday is another of my favorites.