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Signed on Mar 28, 2020
height 183 (6'0")
Weight 100 (220 lbs)
English, Hungarian

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My rules: 1. No nagging, beggig, demanding for editing. One request is enough, and I can decide that can I, want I to make that edit or can (want) not. 2. No private show, except only I want to do it in private. 3. Patience! I am alone, and I have only 2 arms, and 10 fingers. All pictures need some (some of them less, some of them more) time to get ready! 4. This is my "hobby" so not all the times I can stay as long as I would like to. The real life often overwriting my plans, so I have to log off them unforeseenly. 5, If you break (contionously) those rules, you'll be ignored. Sorry. 6. I work only with acceptable quality, high-res pictures. I can't do nothing with blurry, totally highlighted, filtered nightmares.


Sexting, picture faking, tributes and chat about almost anything.