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Not verified female
Last access on 9 months ago
Signed on Sep 16, 2020
height 180
German, English

About me

Who I am: I'm from Germany. Living together with my boyfriend and like to get naughty even without him (knowing). I'm quite tall (180cm) and busty. Curvy, hour-glass shaped body, wide hips, big butt and big boobs (90e). Brown eyes, glasses (wear lenses most of the time), straight and long brunette hair. What I am looking for: I love to be slutty online and behind my bfs back. So I'm looking for a dominant male who likes to use me within my limits. I'm open to a lot of (safe) things and possibilities. Like wear a dresscode irl, create profiles on sites you want, sex chats with people you tell me to, public dares, and maybe even more. Lately I am really into the idea of outing or being exposed and blackmail fantasy. The thought of seeing me posted on a website with dirty comments or getting random dirty mails / skype messages with my name and pictures in it really arouse me.


Likes: wild and rough sex, being submissive, blowjobs, cum, facials, dresscodes, spanking, outdoor, public play, doggystyle, threesomes, verbal / sexual degradation and humiliation. Dislikes: Meet ups (with online people), cam, phone, pic request (I'll show some if I feel like it - so don't ask), hard pain, disgusting stuff like pee and such things, feet, ass to mouth, rape.