High and horny

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Signed on Aug 14, 2022
Looking for a Woman
height 5’6
Weight 140 pounds
English and Spanish

About me

I’m a straight, horny 19 year old male looking for all types of fun I do not have a lot of experience, but am looking to change that. I am looking to explode my kinky side more Looking forward to having fun with you 😘


I like being dominant, but if you give me the right attention am happy to let you take control hehe Some of my biggest turn on’s are dirty talk, worship, and blowjobs and facefucking I’m interested in trying out anal (giving), although I’m open to the idea of anal stimulation such as rubbing, fingering, and rimjobs I’m into feet that much, but I’m not closed to the idea of a footjob I dislike, tying down, torture, blood, toilet, and rape