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Middle East

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Hi, I have a very high libido and unfortunately, I never had good sex in my married life and our relationship almost stopped a few years ago. I've always believed in experience and skill, and I still do, and that applies a lot in my life when it comes to sex. Therefore, I believe that a good sex that fully satisfies a woman should be found in the old men who's are experienced but still horny men, and I decided to look for my belief here, considering being married and many other limitations I have. And maybe I can find a friend who is experienced and skilled in sex and I can chat with him secretly from my husband, maybe we can meet each other's needs to some extent. I am totally a real beginner in this type of relation. I did not have the same as this before, so as my secret online friend I prefer someone skillful who could help and guide me in this relation, with his experience and skills.


When I am on this site, it is clear that I am interested in sex relation. I like everything about sexual thing, but especially in this site looking for an older Experienced and really skillful in online relation and sexual relation as my secret and online long-term friend. My most important interest is knowing new things and doing them to learn and practice. In general, I love new experiences, new skills, and anything could to fill the shortness that i had in my life. some of my interests: be licked, be sucked, be touch and rub on my body, cock sucking, fucking