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Signed on Jan 14, 2020
Looking for a Couple
height 5'10"
Weight 188
Daytona Beach, FL United States

About me

I'm a Pisces, single, never married, no family, no pets, no girlfriend, and no DNA walking around either. I have an extreme very hairy p()ssy fetish, especially for older, mature women like the ones you call, MOMMY DEAREST!😉👙😋 I'm very easygoing, a little shy, aggressive, very naughty, and sexually playful. I love fantasy role play, lingerie and sexy masks, and taking hot photos of mommy indoors and outdoors in Nature's natural settings.


Let's take a look in my closet ladies, on second thought let's not open up that door just yet. I have many interested sexually and I like to explore new things, camping out overnight in a tent in a serious rainstorm with moms, it's on me Irish bucket list.😁 Sex and 420 go together like a stiff cock in a soft, warm, wet ().👈👍😋 Woman-H()👙()D, we're either fighting to get out of the p()ssy or were fighting to get back in the p()ssy. It's basically a no win situation without a man having to walk through hell fire to get dat p()ussy, and then y'all ladies want us to pay for it too???😯 Oh my!😱 Both left nuts for a woman who puts out easy, that's if ya love mountain oysters ladies?🍌😯😉