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I am very bi sexual, huge fan of porn, I love rimming and being the first person to induce anyone to wonderful, sensual anal experience. I like to the one in control, and goal is to give the very best experience. I'm a very gu living lover, I take my time bring you to the very edge of total bliss. Then pull you back and start all over again, I enjoy leaving you on the very edge as well. I love to just my tongue to tease the little star, the tips of my fingers with just a touch of pressure, teasing with little probing motions, there is nothing more sexy to me then the first slip of a finger tip into a tiny hole that is throbbing, almost sucking your finger. I get wet just thinking about it. I love to give head, deep throat while I'm working your asshole with my fingers or whatever other device I might have waiting in the shadows. Stretching an asshole with my finger to. Where I can slide my tongue in and out easily, remove my fingers slowly so your asshole snap shut around my tongue, tongue fuck you and stroke your cock, or vibe your pussy till you are leaking and dripping every where. I will worship you till you break down, crumple and terrible with my touch. When I finally do allow you to cum, it's nothing short of amazing, complete release that leave you with an almost high feeling. Usually I'm still teasing you and playing with you while your coming back down again.


I'm here to meet new people, share experiences, and entice whom ever will allow me. I would love to experience two men with a dp experience, I would love to experience being with two bi men whom are as equally giving as myself. Im here to answer any questions I could be of help with, to encourage, seduce, men , women, trans, couples, to experience everything they've ever wanted to experience sexually. I'm not going to be that person that looks back as says I shouldve, or I wish I would late in on in life. I am not ashamed of anything I've done, and thing I'm into, or to talk to anyone about sex and experiences.we are only as sexy as we make our partner feel, feel it, let it show with every lick, stroke, grind, in every touch, their pleasure is your pleasure... Hmmm I love my doxy , damn it... đź’‹