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Signed on Feb 8, 2020
Looking for a Woman
height 186cm
Weight 50kg

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Hey I am super shy low confidence closed shell guy, so what up, if you can ( just want someone honest and can handle a shy guy and make effort to make a conversation flow. Tho knowing that girls hate shy guys and i normally worth noone time.) if you do not put any effort, I will put none too....fair and square and long term patience is the key. But I cannot and would not trust anyone easily. Since I know that there are a lot of fakes and immature people here, I am not expecting a lot. (Note:I do not really willing to ask anyone for anything sexual because I am not allowed to ask nor allow as I am a shy guy and also no one really cars... Anyway. But sometime I do desperately and helpless...but it is up to you decide how you wish to see me ) "EITHER YOU SEE THE DARKNESS OF THE CAVE'S ENTRANCE OR WHAT THE CAVE HIDES, IS UP TO YOU"


Honesty and real person