hi DJMZES

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    Signed on Feb 7, 2020
    Looking for a Woman
    height 186cm
    Weight 48kg
    English and French

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    Hey I am super shy low confidence closed shell guy, so what up, if you can ( just want someone honest and can handle a shy guy and make effort to make a conversation flow. Tho knowing that girls hate shy guys.) if you do not put any effort, I will put none too....fair and square and long term patience is the key. But I cannot and would not trust anyone easily. Since I know that there are a lot of fakes and immature people here, I am not expecting a lot. (Note:I rarely ask anyone for anything sexual because I am not allowed to ask nor allow to have needs and desire based on social norms because a shy guy cannot be like that..and also I am really scared about it now. "EITHER YOU SEE THE DARKNESS OF THE CAVE'S ENTRANCE OR WHAT THE CAVE HIDES, IS UP TO YOU"


    Honesty, maturity and commitment and maybe fun that have maturity and commitment