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Hello, if you are taking the time to read this thank you! My name is Alexandera, My friends call me Alexis, and now cause of Amazon... Alexa. I am a 30 year old female. I spent most of my life being raised as a girl. Yes I was a boy, a very feminine boy, but a boy. Puberty didnt bring normal changes, I was growing breast, and decided I wanted to be a girl at 13. With the help of my friends and family I flourished into a pretty young lady. *YES, I have a "penis". *NO, it is not 7 inches long when hard and rigid. It actually cant even get hard, and actually shrank to like one inch and functions more like a clit. So unless you carry viagra, I won't get hard. *NO, I will NOT show you my "cock". One I dont have one. Two not very proud of it, Surgery is fucking expensive. Not to mention some weirdos like it, just kidding guys I love you. And for the love of everything, don't call me a shemale.


Anything Dark really. Hentai. I am a gif-whore Intelligent conversation. And being your dirty slut, jk; or am I...? Lol