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Not verified transgender
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Signed on Feb 19, 2021
Looking for a Woman
height 5' 9"
Weight 141 lbs.
Oxford, North Carolina

About me

I am a tall (5'9") and slender (141 lbs.) girl with long, wavy chestnut brown hair. I ADORE high heels (nothing less than a 5" heel). Silk, satin, spandex and lace are a MUST. I prefer stockings and a garter belt rather than pantyhose. Jeans are cute, but a cocktail dress is so much more sexier. I love silver jewelry, so much so that each ear is adorned with 11 silver hoops, and my nipples, navel, tongue and "other areas" sport either silver, captive bead rings our silver barbells. I love my dainty little diamond stud in my left nostril and my "Marilyn Monroe" above by upper lip. I've recently become enraptured with "tight laced corsetry" and shiny vinyl costume. I hope that you're adventurous and fun. I love DANCING and going out for drinks... but a night watching movies and just talking until the wee hours is wonderful as well. Please take a chance and contact me. I won't bite (giggle... unless ya want me to). ~Essie~


Shopping, dancing, go out for drinks, staying in to watch movies under a blanket, talking until the wee hours. Sexy lingerie, high heels, doing make-overs, experimenting with "toys" and situations.