Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day: which sextoy to choose for which astrological sign?

And if our astro sign influenced our desires, our temper and our desires? That it does not hold, according to the astrological profiles erected by our astrologer Julie Patriat, has selected love toy which would perfectly meet your expectations. Verdict?

Who loves me follows me is his creed. Aries is a great lover before the eternal. When he likes, it's without counting. Very generous, he tends to get carried away very quickly. He will be subject to love at first sight, to heartburn. Aries is a romantic in the soul who ignores himself. His heart sincerely expresses what he feels for sometimes leaving feathers there. The difficulty of Aries is to be too direct, too autonomous and individualistic. He will have to leave room for the other so that he or she can express himself.

(from April 21 to May 20)

Taurus is a sensual being who acts and feels everything at 100%. Governed by Venus, the planet of love, he likes to share, feel, desire. Whole, faithful, protective (see too much), once he has given his confidence, he waits as much in return. He does not support betrayal and then becomes spiteful. Very demanding, both emotionally and sexually, he expresses his desires and needs shamelessly. His credo is: I own. Woe to him who escapes him, he cannot bear that one no longer belongs to him.

(May 21 to June 21)

Gemini is duel and searches for its double, twin or lost twin. You can summarize your approach to love with . If he is locked up, the oppress, he flees. If you reject it, it clings and never lets go of a sole. Even if he does not know the principle of attachment. Very little possessive, nor jealous, not very inclined to passion, love being more considered as a playground and a field of experiences. For its stability, it will need one or more partner who frames it.

(June 22 to July 22)

Cancer is an emotional addict. Very attached to the family, to the children, the comfort of the home is necessary for its balance and it will seek a partner who reassures and protects it. Of a hypersensitive and romantic nature, full of charm and delicacy, it is also a great introvert who finds it difficult to express his feelings and his emotions.

The Lion has a golden heart. Loyal, when he knows he is loved, he gives everything without counting. He needs to be admired but also to admire the person he loves. If the loved one falls from his pedestal, he falls and is done for him. He needs to have in front of him a person who stands up to him, who has a respondent, otherwise he turns his way or eats it raw. He likes power relations, doesn't like ease. He needs to feel that the other lives only for him or through him. Because the look of the other is vital for him.

(from August 23 to September 22)

The modesty and the reserve characterizing the Virgin, it does not support the effusions of feelings in public. On the other hand, under the duvet, once she is put in confidence, he or she can become a caring lover or lover, sensual and full of charm. The Virgin is very suspicious and therefore anxious. Once confidence is established, it gives everything without counting. Faithful lover, she can't stand betrayal and will wipe you off the map overnight.

(from September 23 to October 22)

Libra is romantic and likes the idea of being in love. She needs to be in a relationship to live, to move forward together, hand in hand with her partner to find her balance, harmony and inner peace. Very charming, she delights in seduction and needs to please. Appearance is important. Refusing what is not refined, it needs a gentle and caring partner and therefore has an important level of requirement. Like any sign of air, she can't stand being locked up, suffocates her even if she is in a relationship of dependence on the other that she refuses to see and doesn't like being imprisoned in a role that is not hers.

(from October 23 to November 21)

Scorpion is made to live passionately, to love madly, to feel intensely, to vibrate completely, to merge with the other. He hates being rejected and will do anything to catch up or belong to you. With a jealous and possessive temper, he can get mean when he is resisted. Half-hair or half-holy relationships don't interest him. With him it's all or nothing. He likes or he doesn't like, period. But when he likes he doesn't count. He tends to like to hurt or hurt himself. What is simple does not attract him. He likes to vibrate and gives great importance to sexuality. He is looking for a mysterious person who will bewitch him and be able to satisfy his impulses.

(from November 22 to December 20)

Excessive, Sagittarius gets carried away and loves madly, without limits. Warm and generous, it symbolizes union, marriage. Let us unite said Sagittarius. Although independent, he cannot live without formalizing a relationship that he tends to embellish or idealize. Like any sign of fire, he gets carried away regularly and he will have to curb his regular heartburn. He will have to find a partner who accepts his need for freedom.

(from December 21 to January 20)

A cool appearance, Capricorn takes time to trust. He hides his sensitivity behind an apparent coldness and a thick layer of shell so as not to be injured. Once established, he will give himself entirely and can become a warm and attentive lover. It is said that fire must be found under the ice and that once awakened, this fire burns madly. He is a demanding partner, who leaves nothing to chance and asks those around him a lot. Extremely faithful and whole, he does not bear any betrayal. He waits to receive as much as he gives.

(from January 21 to February 19)

Aquarius being the most independent and freest sign of the zodiac, it cannot bear to be locked up, detained or prevented. He needs moments of freedom, of blowing, of escape. The person who will let him evolve in his world will have understood everything. An autonomous spouse, not possessive, who leaves him free to move is essential. (Idem for people with the Moon or Venus in Aquarius.)

Emeline BLANC

(from February 20 to March 20)

The Pisces is looking for a merger, in a couple it is one. Very sensual, sensitive and emotional he merges into the other, marries, absorbs his problems, he forgets himself completely to the detriment of the other, who can become a slave or victim of the loved one. As the Pisces does not know the limits, it throws itself headlong into a story. Romantic, mysterious, passionate, he is a frozen lover (idem for people with the Moon or Venus in Pisces.) Soft and attentive, he is a being attentive to the loved one. Magnetic, a certain aura accompanies it.