Version 2

In about one month the version 2 will replace the actual web site. 
A lot of work is done behind the scene and I need the help of everybody.

At the moment part of the final application is already completed and you can browse it here:

Please skip the security issue (there is no valid HTTPS/SSL certificate on the test environment) nothing to be scared, just add the exception on your browser and go ahead.

There are some good news on V2 like the room ownership.
The owner can delete the messages and the images from the other users. In the near future there will be more features like the room moderators or to kick an user out of the room.

A lot of improvements was done on the mute/ignore functionality.
If A ignore B, A will not see the messages of B and B will not see the message of A. This will be stored on the server so it will be persistent on the future logins.

On April the 26th all the users will be automatically migrated on V2 and only one action will be required. The birthday will not be optional anymore and it will be mandatory.
The same login credential can be used for the registed members and the score will be kept for the members.

Please write here your comments or suggestions: everything is taken into account