Adult Stories

Sex & the Human Mind

I learned about the human brain through my work with couples and their sexual issues. I learned that there were distinct sub-iestries that occur in the human mind, and how to reach across the chasm and eventually land comfortably in it. But once you're there, you can't stop the avalanche of questions that naturally follow those boundaries. 

Sex is just a part of those questions!

It just so happens that sex is one of the most enduring questions and the reason why people can't have proper relationships with one another. It just so happens that sex is the deepest mystery of the human mind.

It is because of this mystery that I am more motivated to understand the mysteries of the human mind than anyone else. Understand this one thing and you can stop the sweat: What does the brain do with a penis?

Brainpower. The power of the brain; also as a verb: The mental ability to think, feel, experience, or make sense of things. 2nd Definition: noun: mental ability to experience a state of peace or contentment, soundness or tranquility. The power of the brain is more than any other brain activity. span of brain-mind: The brain span including the male and female genders. According to the research I am doing with mean girls, the average human female brain has 2.5 million distinctly different neurons. Male brain has 1.2 million neurons. Therefore, the size of male brain is about 90% of the size of female brain. Exploring the female brain has been made impossible due to the unfathomable complexity and amazing complexity of the male brain.

Why is it hard to understand men? It is because their brain is so much bigger than ours. Men have so many differences from us. The trouble is, we do not really understand them. In fact, we can't even put them into words. We don't have the words to explain to other people what we're doing wrong. We don't have the words to explain to our spouses what we're doing wrong. The trouble is, we can't even put them into actions. They can't be pictures in our minds that we can see and understand.

I can tell you that the trouble we have is not worth talking about. It is, in fact, quite bad. It is, quite literally, a train wreck waiting to happen.

Yet if you go looking for "help," you will find it. All you have to do is look for "clues" in the person you are trying to seduce. " clues" in words, if you will. Clues that all tell you to go play the Guess Who game. But do you know how many people will actually give you clues?

Don't be so caught up in the clue solving part that you lose sight of the person you're trying to seduce. If you do this you'll be closer to tears, because you'll be looking in a different direction. Understand the person you're trying to seduce. You can do that by understanding their brain. That is a whole other article.

I won't say that you need to learn to see the person the clues are meant for, but you need to learn to understand the person. How they see the world. The truth is that the person seeing the clues and trying to solve them, is the same person seeing the world. How can you explain the world if you don't understand what's going on in your own head?

So the person seeing the clues is usually yourself. How can you see the world clearly if you don't see the person? And just because you're looking through the clues that the person is trying to help you to see the world clearly, doesn't mean you have to completely lose your own self-consciousness. You can always look for clues that help you to see the person more clearly in order to solve the puzzle. More to the point you can look more clearly at the person and try to decipher the message.

Most people when they hear the word "clear" say "emotionally clear" or "energized," rather than "clear." And that's true of the word "sex" as well. Sex isn't just about your brain when it comes to sex. Your body affects what you feel when you're having sex.

Sex is often something done with the mind in mind. As opposed to clear, emotionless sex that is achieved with the brain in a clinical environment, sexual intercourse is often something done with the senses and the heart. The body has a natural tendency to spend the timeivering, even to the point of being filled withurtivismony over the course of a sexual experience.

There are many ways to re-train your body and your mind to withstand the scrutiny of sex, to attain a state of mutual and even transcendent connection between the lovers.