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Ella and The Man

5 years ago

Ella was and had felt a middle age woman. Fifty, frumpy, mumsy, overweight, under-sexed and under-appreciated the sexless and loveless marriage had finally ended when The Bastard had gone off with his secretary. And then something strange and wonderful happened.

Ella had meaningful and erotic sex!

She had been persuaded to join the gym by her friends, had gone from size 16 to size 12 felt invigorated, energised and sexy again and had been fucked senseless by her hunky horny 6 pack, well-endowed personal trainer. It was a revelatory experience, invigorating, intoxicating, sensual, and sexual. Ella is still fifty but toned fit 5' 8" 9 stone sexy, sexual....and multi orgasmic!! Who needed The Bastard! (Little did she know....?)

Over the next few weeks Ella had sex twice more, each with different men she knew, had multiple orgasms, drenched her knickers with her fantasies while shopping in Sainsbury's, bought new underwear, wore out a rampant rabbit ….But it was not enough!! She needed something more....extreme, different!

But what next? Another friend had talked about stranger sex, the thrill of the spontaneous unknown, the mystery fuck! Through an adult website men and women could arrange to meet in hotels discreetly and anonymously and within minutes just fuck! No life history, no baggage, just a man and woman fucking and then parting, it really was just like that, it was that simple and uncomplicated! Ella joined the site posted intimate naked pictures of herself and turned down several offers before she saw the picture of The Man 6' 2"rippled muscle with a well-endowed erect pre cum dripping cock, she had to have him! Arrangements were made no emails or phone calls or Skype, just a date, a time a hotel with a room number.

As the time approached she became almost overwhelmed by excitement and nerves. What to wear something tasteful but not too sluttish By now Ella was just the right side of curvy and athletic as a side 12 and decided on a clingy, multi coloured summer dress no bra her pectoral muscles were so toned her bosom kept itself up and her nipples gave just a hint of protrusion through the dress and finally a white satin thong very brief, but wonderfully sensual as it enveloped and touched her pussy.

At the hotel at the prescribed time Ella was able to let herself in to the room. The Man was nowhere to be seen. The room was dark as she entered and then.... Then alight shone in her face from a torch a male voice deep commanding said "Hello Ella the deal is you do what you are told....... and you might if you are lucky have a good time!" As the light came on he appeared, he was naked from the top upwards, muscled 6 pack and toned ,below he wore incredibly tight Lycra " running leggings" that showed his pert bum and...And the outline of his cock already erect and straining to escape. "Stand in the middle of the room!" He commanded Ella

By this time Ella was beginning to panic but she was also totally turned on with anticipation and her satin thong was soaked. As she stood in the room The Man walked round and round her Occasionally he would grab her roughly but then ever so gently blow lightly across her neck, not actually kissing , fuck, it was so erotic! She attempted a reciprocal touch but The Man pushed her arms away! And then told her to take off her dress! As she did, his eyes, his soul and his very being bore in to every inch of her body. Her soaking thong merely emphasised the outline of her pussy and her nipples were erect.

The Man came towards her and without warning he produced handcuffs and bound her arms behind her back and then pushed her back roughly her against the wall he removed his leggings, his cock springing up so fucking big He was going to fuck her now yes, yes!!

But that's not what happened!

The next 30 minutes were truly exquisite, frustrating, maddening, erotic and sensual. Not once did he touch her pussy- till the end. He kissed, licked, blew, fondled, caressed and spanked her all over her body. He actually started on her ears. Ears as sex organs apparently yes! He blew muzzled and gently sucked the ear lobes exquisite, he did the same thing of course with her breasts and nipples and she nearly came! The Man used a feather across her stomach, a hair brush on the front of her thighs and a riding crop to spread her legs and then on the inside of her thighs. Ella was aware of her skin smartening and reddening where the hairbrush and riding crop had been. It was vaguely painful but deliciously sensual. It suddenly dawned on Ella she might have waited all her life for these moments! Finally he massaged the whole of her body front with baby oil, it was wonderful glowing, pulsating sensation Ella had, almost more than sex. But meanwhile he would not go near her pussy! He had even left the thong on, Ella was sighing moaning and thrusting her pelvis out to The Man but he simply said quietly in her ear "Tell me what you want Ella?" "I want to cum, I need to cum!" She said in a hoarse quiet voice "I can't hear you scream it" he said

"I want to fucking cum" She screamed and at that point he ripped her thong off and then used it to gag her mouth tying it round her head. The Man grabbed her left tit with one hand and with the other slapped the inside of her thighs pushed her legs apart and brutally stuffed 2 fingers deep in her cunt!! He viscously thrust his fingers in and out while massaging her clit with his thumb. Within 30 seconds the tension and pressure had built up that when Ella orgasmed she screamed "oh fuck me!!!!!" from the core of her very being. He released the gag, removed the handcuffs. But then he threw her on the floor thrusting his cock in to her as she was gasping for air she felt dizzy with lust. Ella and The Man tore into each other grinding their pelvises. She wrapped her legs around him grinding her nails in to his buttocks tearing the skin but he screamed in pain, he just thrust harder. She shouted "fuck my cunt, you bastard!!" And he did and he did and then he came and he came in waves and waves of shuddering thrusting and it was his turn to scream a deep throaty roar from the bottom of his soul as he screwed up his face and stretched his mouth as if he was to devour her. She could feel his hot cum so deep inside her and her own cunt opened up in her own waves. Her muscle contraction were so strong, her convulsing orgasm was able to push off The Man completely!

And then it was......over They parted from each other panting heaving sweating The Man soon showered left and she eventually had her shower too and got dressed.

As she was leaving a knock at the door and as she opened on the floor were chocolate, flowers and a new satin thong and a note

It said "I hope you enjoyed The Man, I always knew what you wanted" It was simply signed "The Bastard"

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