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How To Avoid Failure In Sex?

Sex is a necessary part of everyone's life. In addition, it is necessary not only to enjoy it, but also to be healthy, because its long absence can cause various diseases and disorders. Accordingly, a rich intimate life will help you to look good and feel just as good.

The cause of poor quality sex

First of all, it is worth noting that it is not only women who complain about poor sex, but also men who have not experienced the long-awaited sensation. That is why partners sometimes remain not only unsatisfied, but also disappointed. The reason for this is the idea that making love is an innate ability, yet some can hold their own in bed, and some quite the opposite.

The fact is that sex should be seen as a true art, so it is imperative that you learn and improve at it, otherwise your partner will quickly tire of you. This is one of the reasons why men prefer cheap prostitutes, because here you can only think about getting the pleasure that you are longing for. A good experience can be obtained by watching mature porn. These seasoned women do amazing things in bed and are sure to give you a good lesson.

Typical "bed" mistakes

Despite the fact that nowadays quite a lot of girls provide intimate services, sooner or later you will have a second half. It is worth noting that sex in a relationship between a man and a woman is the main component, which is why it is important not to make any serious mistakes, especially on the first night.

Most men tend to rush things, so they don't think about how to get a girl, and go straight to the main process. For women, however, foreplay is a must. So if you want to have fun not only you but also your partner, then you should be patient for a while.

Women, in turn, are often distracted by external factors, so a man may think that he is not good enough. In order that such a problem does not arise, you should not leave the TV on, and the music should be too loud. In addition it is desirable to turn off the light, because girls are constantly concerned about their figure, which makes them feel insecure when the light is on.

Equally important is the ingenuity, as well as variety. Many people do not think about the fact that you need to change positions, and most importantly, places to have sex. There is no need to spend your intimate life only in bed, because by doing it somewhere else, you are guaranteed to get new sensations.