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Precious Fantasies of Ass Persons

Precious Fantasies of Ass Persons

Hey darling, are you an ass person? Does seeing a sexy booty drive you crazy? Someone could be a hardcore ass person, yet not fucked an ass and that’s okay! It’s your body, your mind is the world of fantasies and you don’t necessarily need to reach any specific level to be satisfied. We explore ourselves through experiences. Like I never knew that I'm a booty person until I've got a partner with a sexy butt.

Like I always say, you can travel the whole world and everywhere you will find that Asian   people are the horniest human beings on the planet. We Asians love having sex. To us, it's certainly more than just a physical need, we are passionate about it. Asian people consider sex as the finest form of art and throughout their life, they keep trying to be an artist.

Make Sure Your Partner Is Satisfied Too!

Unfortunately, there’s no other area as much covered with taboo and misconceptions as sex. Let me tell you some silly misconceptions that are keeping most women away from sexual satisfaction. People think, only guys could be ass lovers since only they can fuck it in real and that’s disgusting. Penetration is not the only or superior way to please someone sexually and for this kind of misconception, we don't put much effort into exploring foreplay, the way we do for fucking.

For instance, if a bisexual girl who has a great fantasy for ass, wants to fuck her straight partner’s ass  with a dildo, everything would be messed up. But even a straight guy can feel anal sensuality if his mate plays intensely with his anus the way she plays with his dick and balls. Trust me, girls, if you can tease his butthole properly, it will drive him crazier than getting an excellent deepthroating. Sex is a reciprocal act, guys have to touch her period blood like a normal thing, and girls will have to roll and slip their tongues inside his tight asshole, of course with consent!

Why 'No' to Period Sex?

In women, the sex craving reaches the highest level when they're on their period. But most men don't feel comfortable with having period sex. First of all, it’s a taboo and we’ve normalized it for so long that most girls think they are supposed to suppress their sexual urge during the period. Get over the misconception girls! Accept your libido normally and find someone ready to accept you the way you feel by going beyond their misconceptions.

Let me share a personal experience with you! My partner doesn’t care about menstrual blood or poop, the only thing he cares about is my consent. I used to feel uncomfortable about anal and period sex, for he would touch the poop and period blood. I used to say no to cunnilingus during the period but eventually, we’ve explored that period sex and anal are the most intense and wild sexual experiences we could ever have. In both cases, the usual level of friction gets increased and that’s what makes it great! You don’t have to trust my words, just try once!