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Top 7 Sex Games For Men

2 years ago
Fingering sounds pretty simple: Insert finger(s); pump in and out. However, there's a lot more to it than that - at least, there is when a man really wants to send his partner into a fit of pleasure. There are many things men can do to improve their partners' sexual enjoyment, including maintaining proper penis health and learning new sex positions. But taking a night here and there to focus on her and her needs can be a real treat for her, and may lead to hotter sex in the coming days. The following fingering tips will help a man give his partner a night she'll surely remember.

1) Prepare. There are things a man should do before he's even in the same room as his partner if he intends to enter a fingering session. It's very important that he tend to his fingernails, making sure they are clean and trimmed. Any hang nails should be dealt with prior to getting anywhere near a woman's sensitive area. He should also be sure to have lube on hand in case that is needed. And he should remember that sharp fingernails can cause pain, so he should put a couple of safety pads in the glove to prevent this from happening.

2) Ask her. Some women may be used to fingering as strictly a foreplay activity, and may be expecting sex to follow. A man should be upfront with his partner about not intending to follow up with penetration. He can proceed with foreplay, kissing, warm-up exercises, etc. until his partner indicates that she would like to proceed.

3) Get her ready. Whether or not a man enters during foreplay or follows through with follow-up exercises, his penis is going to be very, very sore. He can wait until the soreness has passed to move on. And there's no reason to interrupt a fun night.

4) Let her know how you feel. Women can sense how a man feels about her, and may therefore be sensitive to how they are being treated. This is more than just words; a man who calls her using romantic and intimate words can convey true feelings. So tell her!

5) Don't zero in on the clitoris the first time you attempt to touch it. Always take time to properly lubricate before attempting a new technique or position. And remember that just because she's slippery with anticipation doesn't mean she's ready to come. She may still be afraid of the pain, which is why it's important to always take your time and gradually move in. You can always move in when she's ready herself.

6) Pay attention. She may indicate through her body language that she's ready to come. A man can tell if she is ready by her breathing or flickering fingers. He can also try a harder, firmer touch; or act with more lubrication. If she wants a particular movement or pressure, she will let you know.

7) Passion through the years. The old standard of having sex in the "up and down" position may be a bit outdated. A more recent position is one of penetration from behind, or "doggy style." Both are great positions for pleasure, but the "doggy style" position isAlternate between for fun and mutual pleasure. A man should feel good about his ability to perform with the sex positions, taking into account anatomy such as the size of the manhood and the location of the g-spot.

There are many fun sex games a couple can play. Looking at free sex pics is one of them. Rather than limiting sex to strictly intercourse, the couple can spice up their sex life by playing fun sex games. Many fun sex games have up to 10 different levels, so a couple can have many different games to play. Also, many games have "tension" levels that correspond with the levels of pleasure the game intends to induce. For example, some games try to make the winner feel like he or his partner owe a duty to the winner.

As stated above, many of these games have levels that require a bit of thinking, but can really spice up the sex life. If a man does his homework and learn what the different levels are, he can have some fun playing the variety of sex games he can create. Also check out these sex games and games with their partners:

Levels: There are three types of levels in sex games: Basic, which has only one level; Advanced, which has 9 levels; and Extra, which is an advanced version of one of the basic levels.

Penis Levels: There are three types of penis levels in sex games: regular, exaggerated and fictional. The regular level is a bit like the old "spin the bottle" game: In this game, the woman places her hands on the man's penis, forms a ring with her thumb and forefinger and then places it around his penis.
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