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Adult Website Reveals the Most Searched Celebrities

An adult website has revealed the list of its most searched celebrities and some of the names might shock or surprise you. According to the reports of a renowned newspaper, an adult website revealed the most searched celebrities list on their website. The report claims that Jennifer Lopez is the most searched celebrity on their portal. She lands on the number one spot leaving behind all other celebrities. She is closely followed by her contemporary, singer-turned-actress, Rihanna. The third spot is captured by Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. Other celebrities include, the recently single, Jennifer Aniston. She is closely followed by Priyanka Chopra and Salma Hayek. The actress turned royalty, Meghan Markle sits in the number eight spot. The Game Of Thrones, 21 year old actress,Maisie Williams is on the ninth spot. She ties with singer Camilla Cabello and the "Greatest Showman" star, Zendaya, both aged 21. They are the youngest celebrities to be featured on the list. The oldest celebrity to be featured on the list is Sharon Stone, aged 60 and comes in the 12th spot of the list.

Other Famous Celebrities Featured on the List

Other searches on the website include Olivia Munn nude, Gigi Hadid pictures, Penelope Cruz, Nina Dobrev pics, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Emily blunt pictures, Julia Roberts, Courteney Cox, Jessica Chasten and Amy Schumer. Interestingly, the male celebrity to be featured in the list is Drake, the Canadian born R&B singer, who occupies the 29th spot.

The Website is confused About the Reason behind Those Searches!

Notably, none of the celebrities who are featured on the list have not done any kind of adult films, so the website is confused as to what they are searching for. They have concluded that they are searching for the nude scenes in the mainstream cinema, leaked nude videos or photos or the celebrity lookalikes. It is not a surprise that Jennifer Lopez tops the list as she has never been shy about showing off her body on stage. In fact, the pop sensation during her recent performance at the TIME 100 gala, she pulled out a sequined thong.

Jennifer Lopez and Her Antics

In addition to the various videos to have featured on the adult websites, the leading newspapers shared the pictures of Jennifer Lopez in that outfit, the sparkling bottoms over a nude coloured body suit. The outfit also featured a sequinned bra-style top with a matching pair of heels with the outfit. She wore this while dancing like crazy on the stage and driving the crowd wild. Erin Moriarty nude is also becoming a sensation owing to her newer films and recent popularity.

Reason Behind the Popularity of Celebrity Nude

The celebrity nude pictures create a sensation as people are always interested in the personal life of the celebrities. They want to know everything about their favourite celebrities. They want to view the intimate pictures of the celebrities as according to them, the celebrities are ideal in everything. The celebrity nude pictures project the idealistic image that are already picturised in their mind. The list mostly includes the A list celebrities as they have a huge fan base and everyone wants to have access in their personal life. Some of the celebrities are demoralised and disheartened with their fans for doing this but with stardom comes its repurcuresions.