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4 years ago
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The range of products for women is pretty interesting: Vibrators, Dildos, Anal Toys, Kegel Ball, Pussy Pump and Sexy Lingerie.

For men there are: Masturbators, Prostate Toys, Anal Toys, Cock Rings, Penis Pumps, Penis Sleeves, Chastity Cage and Sexy Lingerie.

After looking through most of the products, I could see a lot of them have sales like 55% off. Fleshlight is a popular product, I enjoyed trying it myself. It’s nice to see clear pictures of every product available. You can really find some of the kinkiest stuff like tentacles, blow job toys, additional moaning sounds, heating, clit massage and licking tongue.

It’s funny how a lot of these sex toys look like flashlights that have mouths, anus or vagina. You can find just about every humanly possible body hole in this range of products. These toys do everything: vibrate, jerk off, lick, suck, penetrate, heating, cooling, water, rub, massage, slapping or whatever. You will be entertained for many hours every day with these fun toys. You can use them alone, as a couple or with a group of people. If you never tried sex toys before, this could be your chance to try something you will love for the rest of your life. You could just jerk off, but these toys will surely create a better feel for you. They will help you imagine that you are having sex for real.

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