Bind me, gag me!

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Not verified transgender
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Signed on Jul 25, 2020
height 5'11'
Weight 155 pounds
United Kingdom

About me

I'm a rather shy 30-year-old autogynephile - that just means that I get VERY turned on at the thought of being a really feminine, submissive, quite traditional woman, and when I can, I slip into that role rather convincingly. Although I'm primarily attracted to women, I won't deny most of my submission fantasies involve a strong man and his firm, thick shaft - (too much information? I'm blushing!). I'm lucky to be able to pass really well without makeup, and being tall and slender with slim feet, I really do get my pick of gorgeous outfits and heels. I'd love to chat with people like me - it gets very lonely when you're a bit weird! And please have a look at my BoundHub profile below, I'd love to share what I love with you there too.


In no particular order, I love: Bondage, gags, being submissive, anal play. Beautiful clothes, high heels. Anything romantic. Art, painting and drawing, all sorts of music, nature and animals. Classic and retro styles. Reading - history and fiction. Cooking and making things.