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Signed on May 28, 2022
height 6' 3" in heels
Weight 145#

About me

I have large firm breasts, athletic body, unshaven armpits, but I usually keep my bush pretty trimmed; not always .. I really like to be licked, nibbled, and sucked. Lately I've taken to having my ass kissed too! I enjoy sex chatting with hung guys who make me their "sub" and sub guys that like me to them in the ass; I'm a true switch. Sometimes get pretty slutty and just want to be throat fucked and taken very very roughly. However, usually, I like to be in control and the one that decides when and who get's to cum. I'm open to everything and anything! I just love sex chatting and getting off from the safety of my own bedroom. (tattoos are temp, fake, hair is all real and my clit is probably bigger than some of you sissy's dicks, not really, but it is rather large, lol)


BDSM, bullwhips, canes, floggers, etc. Forced dildo sucking; I shove it down his throat. Hubby is a slut. I like making him cum by fucking his ass with a large strapon and I like making him fuck me with a large strapon while his penis is caged. We don't take it outside the bedroom and we only practice this type of sex occasionally; when I'm in the mood. We're starting to get into some needle play. He's a bit of a pain pig, and I'm starting to enjoy the control as I watch his body react to my curiosities.