Quite shy but horny.

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I am looking here only chat contacts and no meetings! My name is Swenja, I am 34 years old, single, 168cm tall, have big blue eyes and am natural blond. Unfortunately I am quite shy and in real life rather reserved. Especially among new people and especially in new situations it is difficult for me to be relaxed. I usually live out my sexuality mostly online for several years now. This way I kinda have overcome my shyness at least somewhat and can talk openly and honestly about everything. Also or because I have not had many sexual partners so far and the last sex with another person was a long time ago, I have a strong sexual desire. Several times a day suggestive thoughts shoot through my head and I masturbate quite often. Preferably, I enjoy myself online, during chats with others or when I watch porn. At some point I found out that some like to give orders and dares to foreign women and I liked that quite quickly. I would like to connect something like this with a long-term contact / online dom/sub relationship in which I can also develop in real life (sexually) and become more open. Sexually I see myself clearly on the submissive side. My fantasies here often revolve around dress-up, being used, cum, masturbation compulsion, public, strangers and more. About preferences and taboos we can talk in more detail if interested but my absolute limits which I do not even want to discuss are: Meet ups, cam, voice, picture request, focus on anal sex, ass to mouth, toilet stuff and pain. The age of the men should be about my age. Mature men are also welcome to contact me. I would be very happy about meaningful answers! Ask me anything you want and write me your suggestions or ideas. :)