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    24M hispanic guy. A huge dork and a perv but that's what makes me so lovable. I'm interested in ladies and I honestly came to this site to meet some people I can chat with. Please treat me kindly everyone!


    Video games, Music, Anime, Hentai, Porn. I would love to chat about some of the above so please reach out and ask away :) -Video games: I enjoy playing single player games mostly. action adventures are fun, I do enjoy turn base strategy games and the occasional FPS -Music: I have an odd mix of music that I like. I enjoy rock and alternative songs, the occasional heavy metal, and a lot of latin music -Anime: I do like anime, though I enjoy reading manga (a comic version) better. Genre like shounen, such as One Piece or Hunter x Hunter; I do enjoy some romance ones too. I have an odd taste so ask if you are interested. -Hentai/Porn: pretty self explanatory here. I like some taboo shit so ask if you are interested. I like hopping on chat and spamming in with my increasing collection I saved throughout my years online. I do have other interests but those are my main ones and everything factors from those top ones.