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Hello, my name is Nicole; friends call me Nikky Maybe you should so I know you read this. I am mid 20s, around 5'7 and we wont go into weight, but I am a plus sized girl. If this is a problem, then go away now. I found this site out of boredom on night, and it seems pretty cool. I am girly, but tomboyish if that makes sense, I am a girl, but think like a guy. I am engaged to my WONDERFUL fiancé, And no, he doesn't know about this... Why should he? No reason to get in a fight, for my pleasure. I am SASSY, I don't really back down; especially if I am right, which I usually am! LOL *FAQ:* Can I see a pic? Prob not, maybe if you're lucky. Send nudes? Don't hold your breath. Do you do anal? Yes, and that's a whole other story. Ever had BBC? Yes but not the way you might think. When is the wedding? I dont know we have postponed it twice.


I love GIFs. I am getting more and more into BDSM, never tried. I LOVE love, but sometimes sex is better. Make love not war, have sex not fights.