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    40yo white stug with a well trained 24yo Korean dedicated fuck slut. She's a little slow, dumb and cute, the instagram whore type, obssesed with her tiny body and slutty looking face. The ideal gook toy who loves to have her heels and pornstar makeup on from morning to night and is proud to dress up risqué. Always happy to show her off around in public and allow friends and strangers play with this cum whore. Hapilly married for two years but she has been under my training as a fucktoy and hotwife for many years. Many dozen cocks have been into her (sometimes at the same time) and hordes have casually gropped her, seen too much of her or made out. We are not a fantasy, just normal people with a spicy life. I'm not "lucky" to have her; I just made sure to get what I wanted.