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Heyyy my names Ileya pronounced, EYE-LEE-yuh. Ehhhh a little about me ummm let’s see....I'm your favorite cum guzzling. ran through, highschool dropout, blasian bitch I'm use to hearing, "I bet your dad is proud of you" and "You're the reason I don't want a daughter" I know my mouth is filthy, because Ill put anything in my mouth, long, short, skinny, fat, dirty, clean. I love having a dick in my mouth, sucking a guy off hearing him moan and grunt until he fills my mouth with his kids or covers my face and hair in his hot sticky nut! If I wanted to be respected I wouldn't be such a cock slurping, cum eating, cum target, facial taking slut Why am i such a slut? IDK maybe because i have low self esteem, i like the attention I get one man's trash is another man's treasure not me tho I'm more like recycling...I just get passed around