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Signed on May 8, 2021
Looking for a Woman
height 195
Weight 80
Ontario, Canada

About me

Hey friends, I may come off as a quiet, shy boy when you first meet me. But invest some time with me, show me your true colours and I will show you mine. My two passions are cooking and hot yoga. Cooking gives me the chance to bring others pleasure with new and stimulating experiences when sex isn’t an option. Hot yoga lets me relieve stress, build strength and flexibility, and push my limits on pain and stamina. Whatever you want to know about me, just ask. I am an open book. And I don’t like to waste energy on stories, you will always get my honest answer first.


As a person, I look for my partners to be intelligent, strong, and independent. For playing, first I need a partner with stamina and imagination. Not required, but if you really want to turn me on, have an open mind and the desire to deliver and receive hard pain and pleasure.