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Signed on Sep 13, 2019
Looking for a Couple
height 5'8"
Weight 200
Ocean Shores Wa

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What can I say... Just looking for a kinky couple, alpha man or a slutty woman for wild times every now and then... No strings, just kinky, wild, uninhibited raw sex. I'm open to almost any situation. I'm DDfree and can be a very fun object when instructed. Hoping for a long term friendships locally preferred, travel and time is valuable and a rare commodity for all of us. So I really only would prefer those that know what they want and will follow through. I have very few limits and always like to meet new people. This does not mean I jump in the sack right off the bat, I prefer a very few select long term lovers and keep it simple yet passionately lustful. I can answer any questions and or just listen to a lonely soul. I'm on the DL and prefer to be very discreet in this lifestyle, I mean no harm to anyone and have come to terms with my behavior and actions and will handle my personal life privately as you should. I'm always hygienically clean and must insist my lovers be mindful of their scents and odors., I'm kind, fun, good looking and very attentive to my friends. Anyone need a friend like me? I am usually more of a bi-sub but I love all aspects of lust and can be versatile with the right lovers. Let me know. Ohh; I cook, ride a Harley, and I am a craftsman builder. (custom homes)


My ideal person(s) would be a couple that is respectful, clean, and filled with exploratory sexual lust, comfortable in their birthday suite and is nonjudgmental of others. Sexy is a behavior not necessarily a look or a size, act and be sexy and everything else falls into place. We can't always have our ideal person, that's just not life, however I could also have awesome people, all it takes is respect and true open dialog on what is wanted, for me it's like a manual to insure everything is a fit.. Be yourself, be as kinky as you like with me, what is your fetish, kinky, need...? Kinky, honest, lustful, open minded, and CLEAN all over...!!! Be sexy, flirtatious and assertive... be vocal with what you like and want. It's simple folks... Just looking for a steady side chick, with no rules, just raw passion and lust. Just a dog looking for a bitch in heat, let's not play games... obedientbisub with that g type mail is a quick way to get at me. Just know lustful, wild, kinky sex is what I seek, how about you? Lets get wild and makes some bad decisions with wild intent. Tell me your kink, show me your lust, let me taste your passion. No games, just a sexual experience time and time again.