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This is my description based on a year of self-observation. I enjoy both chatting and roleplaying, but nowadays I find honest chats more appealing. Getting to know a real person, with both upsides and downsides, makes me feel normal and puts me in the mood for intimacy. I get different and more fulfilling orgasms when I chat with a person I know. I engage in conversation and I actively make my chat partner comfortable with me. Non-engagement from my chat partner is a turn-off. My interactions here thought me a lot about the psychology of each taboo and I can't wait to learn more. Since it became a trend, I put up my kinklist: My updated list of conversation starters: - family relationships and how they work - seems to be my favorite at this time; - piss nursing; - impregnation; - foreplay and sex techniques (what makes them pleasuring); - fetishes and how we acquired them; - sometimes light bondage; - casual chat about politics, history, music; - open to any other suggestions... My physical appearance is very close to the guy in the drawing. Thank you for reading my profile! Tell me you read it to make me happy :D