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I'm recently widowed from my very best friend and partner in crime when it came to sexual encounters. WE were and I'm still a nudist, exhibitionist, sexualist and naturalist. we would take every oppertunity to get naked with other people and have some naked fun with others' But now I'm flying solo and this was her job. I love public nudity and sex. I just now got back in the house from a naked walk and got seen by five people. good night for streaking. It turns me on so much to be seen or "caught" by people. I just now got caught by a neighbor threedoors down and she stopped to talk to me. Face to face talking and i was gettin harder till her husband hollered an d she went in. So i came in with my erection and did this. I want to chat while i've got this cock in my hand. i need a woman soon or i'll go nuts.its been almost three years since i've smelled, felt, or tasted a female. help!


public nudity and sex. cooking for others. sex with multiples. skinny dipping. all things positive. will not be around negative people. newbies confident self assured strong but still soft and fragile at the same time women.I like my orgasms of course but to give someone such pleasure is the greatest high for me.