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Signed on Jun 13, 2021
height 160
German, English

About me

I'm a german and bisexual girl. 160 cm, have small tits but a big butt! Living in a happy relationship with my girlfriend but still have some unfulfilled desires (being dominated by a man). My gf doesn't know I am here nor what I do online. If you want to rp, please give some effort into your text! ;) Lately I'm getting more and more into the idea and fantasy of being a frivolous secretary. Likes&fantasies: Oral,cum,facials,cumwalk,big butts and boobies,nylon,sexy shoes (heels, pumps, ankle boots),collars,butt plugs,doggystyle, public,getting dresscode,dares,being a sub to a master,spanking and maybe more. Please notice I don't meet up, cam or voicechat. No matter how much you try, if you ask me to do any of it, I will block you.