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Signed on Jun 13, 2021
height 160
German, English

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Hey my name is Janine, I'm a 30yo german and bisexual girl. 160 cm, have small tits but a big butt! Living in a happy relationship with my girlfriend but still have some unfulfilled desires (being dominated by a man) that come up from time to time. My gf doesn't know I am here nor what I do online. Most of the time I'm trying to satisfy those desires online while watching porn, do dirty chats and talking / thinking about my fantasies. So I'm always looking for a nice chat and/or dirty talk. More rarely I'm doing some sort of online domination. I'm a switcher, pretty submissive with men in general (and some women), and dominant with most other girls (only with girls). My likes and fantasies (not all of them are suited to be done for really, something are better left to be fantasy): Oral, cum, facials, cumwalk, big butts and boobies, nylon, sexy shoes (heels, pumps, ankle boots), collars, butt plugs, doggystyle, outdoor/public sex, getting a dresscode, dares, being a sub to a master, gang bang, spanking, groping and maybe more. I prefer my men kinda skinny and my women well rounded and curvy (not fat!). Please notice I do NOT rp, cs, meet up, cam, do pic requests nor do I voicechat. No matter how much you try, if you ask me to do any of it, I will block you.