Strange Dude from GA

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Signed on Oct 12, 2021
Looking for a Woman
height 5' 1"
Weight 176
GA 30513

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Strange and funny at times. Not your typical guy. I come off a little gay at first. Hell you might think that if you know my sexual likes but no. Purple long undercut hair black fingernail polish. A lesbian chick at heart especially sexually. I love chicks. Chicks with dicks well😏 Anyway I enjoy nearly all forms of entertainment. Video games, movies etc. I like a lot of different things so ask if you want. Exotic hair colors are so hot. Very sexual I love sex. A little shy in person till I get to know you.


Video Games (RPG and Adventure) Movies (Action, Adventure, Romantic Comedies) Music (80's, Rock; Hard, Goth, Alternative. Classical. Sexuality Straight , no attraction to men. Love Chicks but I am Into shemale. Love Oral sex, eat pussy and I'll suck cock. I do enjoy getting oral but giving it is such a turn on. Like Anal sex giving and receiving. Into pegging. Being Daddy. Masterbation. Toy play. Biting. Role Play. Trying new things.