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Signed on Mar 3, 2021
Looking for a Woman
height 185cm or 6'1
Weight 80kg or 175lbs
English, Danish, German, Swedish, Norweigan.

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Male, 35, from Denmark. I'm quite normal, normally.... :P But I also have a wild side. I'm bisexual and I have fucked up fantasies about almost anything. That doesn't mean they all need to be lived out or discussed, from watching my girlfriend (when I have one) go on omegle to sex up some random stranger, while I'm being cucked. To me wanting to be in VR and be in the perspective of a woman, while my girl is wearing a strapon and fucks me like a man would. I wouldn't mind having a dog lick my cock, or watch my girlfriend get licked or even fucked to orgasm by one. I have fantasies about impregnating a woman, and while she's giving birth, just keep fucking so the baby has to slip out between us. So yeah, fantasies about everything basically on this green planet earth. Hit me up if you think you're either up for the challenge, or simply want someone without any bounderies to talk to. Casually or otherwise.


Women, any age. Transgender, below age 40. Couple, below age 50. Guys, age 18 max Computer, Sex, Masturbation, Sextoys, Kinks, Fantasies, Fucked up Fantasies, Piss, Wetting, Diapers, Fisting, Humiliation, Genderswapping, Roleswapping, light to medium BDSM, Webcam, Cuckolding, Roleplaying (especially family-style roleplay), ANYTHING BASICALLY. I don't like the smell of shit and I don't like too much blood, and no gore or worse. But I mean, other than that. As long as no one is hurt, mentally or physically. I don't think actually hurting yourself for pleasure is worth it. At least not in my own opinion.