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Brightest side This Mr x but you can call me hamzi am 25 years old from Pakistan am a muslim but not that much religious i believe in humanity more... Am a kind and humble person but at the same time mr angry as well... I love animals more then human i love nature more the place i love bike more then cars i wamt to have experience of everything except murdering some a very creative & artistic person love poetry , songs etc...


Darkest side I love sex i love sex i can't live with out it 😏😏 i think we are also like an animal we should do sex openly & freedomly sex should be a common act of life i love public sex groups sex gangbang bdsm incest sex even beastiality i want to explore in sex i am here just for fun but i also need someone same like my very beautiful person in brightest side but in darkest side should be dirty as well and i would do all the dirty things with that person ummm don't shy to ask any thing