Some thoughts on MiC

First, I wanted to start with some thoughts about this site - I really like it. It's a place where we can not only share great content and find new great content, but the community, although small and growing at this stage (since the website itself is only a little over three months old!), seems great, and it's a pleasure to participate in it. 

I personally come to the site to engage with other chatters and get to know people a bit, as well as see what people are sharing, and reciprocate with some of my favorite material. The NaughtyCorner room in the evening especially is a great place to share jokes, flirt, and chill. 

I'm also a fan of this new blog feature, which gives us users a venue to publish our thoughts and questions on well, whatever, and engage with what promises to be great feedback from the community. Long story short, what's great to me about all of this is that, in a very real and direct way, we all get to help build this site and make it ours as a diverse community with diverse and overlapping interests. 

I'm sort of new to this to be completely honest. I've never really participated in an adult chatroom, forum, or other online community in any way in my life before joining this site, but I like it so far and look forward to returning and posting here in my blog and hanging out in the chatrooms. I'm excited to see the place grow. 

Part of the reason I joined is that I also recently started my own website - you guessed it: - about a month and a half ago, so I have a bit of a soft spot for cool new porn sites. Why would I start a porn site, you might ask? Well, I like porn... but so do so many other people. But really for me it was kind of a no-brainer (and not because I was thinking with my dick...), I love sex and beautiful women, and porn, and so it's something that I'm somewhat passionate about (which I take to be the first ingredient in any worthwhile use of one's time) - I'm also a bit of a creative, and had a lot of fun designing the site/learning CSS and HTML, and delving into research about the porn industry, the different niches out there, both under and overexplored ones. 

I was also extremely excited to offer my users a place where they could find the best, latest, and most highly rated and liked porn videos available on demand for free. As my visitor count grew, I can safely say I was somewhat overwhelmed by a great sense of satisfaction that I had literally built something that other people were benefiting from - and that was a great feeling! Not to mention the usual elation an artist feels when he or she (or they! mind you) is faced with the knowledge that their creation/their work is on display for others to see. Part of why we create art, is to share with others something of our own experience, our own self. 

So that's why I'm here. Why are you here? Tell us in the comments!