My first sex


I felt her lips reach the base of my cock and I gave the back of her head a soft caress followed by a little push. Her lips gently flared out on the base of my hairless shaft and she moaned with my cockhead buried in her throat. I looked down and watched her green eyes as they stayed locked into mine. Crystal had enhanced her eyes the way she usually did when we went out somewhere. She fringed her lashes with lots of that CoverGirl ThickLash mascara that gave her lashes a longer, plush look. She always added eyeliner to the bottom and top of her eyelids, tonight it was a thin ring of dark green-tinted eyeliner that brought out her green irises and then her eyelids held a green powder on the lids that was blended to silvery sparkle eyeshadow color up to her narrow, shaped eyebrows. It was more eye makeup than a lot of women wore, but it looked just right on Crystal.

Her painted face was dusted with a bit of blush and always featured her brightly colored and glitter-glossed lips. She knew I loved her lips when they were brightly colored and slathered in metallic flecked gloss and she wore lip colors that shined brightly in the light and made me want to push the tip of my cock into her mouth.

Her sexy, makeup face was a look that I loved to see. Crystal just looked so sexy when she wore that make-up combination and her lips always looked so inviting and juicy. Our evenings almost always included some oral sex, her mouth was not only so inviting but so talented that I could rarely resist at least a few thrusts into her sweet lips. I looked straight into her eyes and thrust my hips forward and buried the head inside her throat a bit deeper and I gave up a quick gasp. Her eyes reacted to my gasp, "Yes baby, you make my cock feel so fucking good." I said, meaning every word.

It didn't matter how many times Crystal sheathed my cock with her throat, it was always super sexy to watch her pull her lips down the last two inches of my shaft and take me all the way to the root. Most girls can take the first five inches, but only Crystal Pure had swallowed my whole seven. I've got a nice sized dick, one that takes real skill to swallow whole. The fact she did it so eagerly and often was definitely a source of excitement for me. The more she did it, the more I wanted her to do it again and the more pride she felt when I told her how amazing she was.

"Yea. That's my liittle cock-swallowing slut, suck every inch of my big meat." I said as I looked at her pink, glittery lips, still bathed in that shimmer-pink color, snuggled tightly against the base of my shaft. I discovered after just a few dates that Crystal was a seriously sexy man-pleaser, one of her many fine qualities and the one I appreciated most. The excitement of her eyes spoke volumes about her willingness to suck that cock the best she could, as I caressed her cheek with my thumb and withdrew the tip of my cock from her windpipe. She took a deep breath and then gently sucked on the head of my cock, making those wet sounds of giving good head and then swirled her tongue around and around the helmet and slurped on the tip with her soft, sweet lips. I felt her tongue swirl gently around me as her eyes sought praise and her lips caressed the helmet of my circumsized cock.