Room 319

When: 3:30 that afternoon
Where: Companion Hotel Lobby

Walking in from the sunny parking lot, the cooler air of the hotel raised goosebumps on the bare skin of the two people walking into the lobby, and made them shiver a little. The taller of the two had eyes that darted around nervously, coming to rest on the woman behind the counter that she reluctantly stepped up to, dropping her suitcase in front of it. The shorter looked around far more interestedly, taking in the lush furniture and public access PCs that made the waiting area of the front entrance more inviting.

Fancy, she thought.

"Welcome to the Companion Hotel," said the woman behind the desk, looking the two over. "How can I help you today?"

"I'd like to… book a room? For tonight," was the hesitant reply, and the receptionist could see why.

"There is a more traditional hotel just a couple of miles down the road," she offered. "Are you sure this is where you would like to say? Our rooms are a bit more expensive than you might be used to."

"I've read your website, I think this is where I need to be."

"I see." The receptionist paused for a moment. "You are aware of what goes on in this hotel?"

"The website was very clear. I don't think I'll be using your… services… but I'll sign the forms and such just the same. Like I said, the website was very clear."

The receptionist looked a little uncomfortable and fidgeted a bit, looking down. She raised her eyes back to the person she was speaking to. "It's just we don't get too many… perhaps it would be best if you spoke to the owner. Would you mind waiting just a moment?"

The person sighed. "I suppose that's for the best."

"I'm sorry about this, but you must realize it's not the normal situation for us."

"I do. I understand, honestly."

The receptionist looked a bit relieved this person didn't seem to be in a mood to make too much of a fuss. "If you'd like to have a seat over there," she pointed to the couches set up to the right of the entrance doors, "she'll be right out to see you."

"Thank you." The suitcase was picked up and lugged over to the chair indicated by the receptionist.

The phone in Susan's office chimed softly, and Susan, the owner of the hotel, looked up from the spreadsheet she was working on to grab it. What? An interruption in the endless paperwork it takes to run this place? Say it isn't so! "Susan here," she announced into the receiver.

"I'm sorry to disturb you ma'am, but there's someone who wants to book a room for tonight."

A good natured laugh burst forth from Susan's lips. "We are still a hotel, right? The building didn't become a pet store when I wasn't looking?"

"It's the nature of the people that want to book the room"

Susan began to get excited. "Is it aliens at last? Or time traveling monks from the future who wish to shake the hand of the woman that began the Great Liberation that persists to the year eight thousand? Sentient flying dolphins? Don't leave me in suspense, Jenni!"

Jenni whispered into the mouthpiece. "I think you better come up and see for yourself."

That set Susan back. "Do I need to alert security?"

"It's nothing like that. Please just come and see."

"Very well, I'll be there in a second."

"Thank you." Odd, she sounded quite relieved. What in the world…

Susan saved her progress and locked the machine, then went over to the elevator and rode it up to the lobby. As she turned the corner she looked over at Jenni who pointed to the waiting area. Susan looked over there and decided it probably was best that Jenni had called her up there.

Sitting in one of the chairs was a woman tapping one heel and looking a bit haunted while a young girl nearby was currently jumping from one black tile on the floor to another without a care in the world. The woman was wearing jeans and a white short sleeved top, and had her hair pulled back into a ponytail. A large watch adorned one wrist, and she was wearing sandals and a pendant of a heart around her neck.

The girl, by contrast, had the longest hair she had ever seen on someone that young, and it was being flung about as she jumped from tile to tile. She was wearing sneakers, black shorts, and a purple sleeveless top. The woman's hair was a light blond, but hers was darker, and Susan could see it was wavy and thick. It reached past her cute little butt, and Susan wondered how she managed not to get it caught on everything she happened to pass by. She went over to the pair.

"Hello there, I'm Susan," she began, holding out a hand to the older woman. "I'm the owner, summoned forth from my dungeon lair like the proverbial genie to make all your wishes come true."

The woman stood up and shook it, and the girl skipped over to her. Standing now, Susan could see she was a bit shorter, coming up only to the older woman's chin, while the woman was a little bit shorter than Susan herself. "Nice to meet you."

"Do you really own this whole place?" asked the girl. "It's great!"

"Why thank you," replied Susan. "But if I put you in charge you wouldn't think so highly of it. The paperwork, you wouldn't believe it. But come, that's not why you're here. Or is it? Do you want to buy the place?"

"Uh, no," said the older woman. "We're here because… uh… well…"

Susan looked over at the girl, who was now simply beaming at her.

Wow, what a cutie. Look at that smile, and that cute missing tooth! She has such faint eyebrows, that's odd. But those sparkling eyes make up for it, and that dimple- focus Susan! "I take it the situation is a bit complex?"

"You might say that," sighed the woman.

"Why don't you come down to my office and explain it?" Susan offered, and the woman looked relieved.

"That would be great."

"This way."

The girl took her mother's hand that was not holding the suitcase, and Susan led them to the elevator, which opened right up given she had basically just come out of it.

"I'm Carolyn!" said the girl after the doors had closed.

"Oh, yes, I'm… uh…"

This woman seems to be having trouble remembering her own name.

"You don't have to give me a name if you don't want to. I'm not asking for your driver's license or anything. And the hotel does accept cash, no questions asked."

"I'm sorry. It's just, even in a place like this, I'm not sure…" She lapsed into silence.

"You worry too much mom!"

Well, at least she hasn't grabbed this girl off the street, so that's a bit of weight off my mind. Unless the girl was just told call this woman 'mom.' I can probably find that out later. "Well, until you'd like to tell me, I'll just call you Carolyn's Mom, is that okay?"

"You might be throwing me out in a minute, so I guess it doesn't matter."

"I'm sure she'll be fine with it, mom!"

The elevator doors swished open, and Susan led the two into her (now cramped) office, offering the two the only two chairs in the room while she closed and leaned against the door.

"So, unless the FBI has bugged this room again, it's just us. What's on your mind, Carolyn's Mom?"

"Did they really bug your office?" Carolyn interrupted, eyes wide.

Susan laughed and waved her hands. "They better not have. No, that was just a joke."

"Oh." She seemed disappointed.

"I'm not sure how to say this," her mom began. "I guess it's just better to come right out with it. If you throw us out or whatever, you throw us out. The truth is, my daughter and I… we've… uh… been intimate… with… each other."

"Just say we had sex once, mom. God!" Carolyn rolled her eyes. "She runs a hotel were people go to have sex with the maids, for crying out loud. I think she's heard of it."

Carolyn's mom flushed bright red, looking mortified. "Honey, you can't just say stuff like that?"

"Sure you can, I just did." She turned back to Susan. "Could I really have sex with the maids here?"

Susan broke into a wide grin, both at the deeper shade of crimson her mother was now showing, and the question. "Indeed, when you're older. I want to change laws, but I can only change one at a time. I have to pick my battles. Why? Was there one you had your eye on already? Our website is fairly extensive in listing those that work here."

The girl shrugged. "The receptionist was pretty cute! She isn't a maid, but she's the only person I've seen that works here. I didn't get into that part of the website."

"Really? I work here."

"Oh yeah. Hummm…" Carolyn looked Susan up and down, nodding. "Very nice."

Her mom let go of Carolyn's hand and buried her face. "Carolyn!"

"What? Oh mom, she isn't as good looking as you, if that's what you're worried about."

"That's not what I meant!"

"Wait, the girl at the front desk, or me? She's usually taken anyway," explained Susan. "Working at the front counter she gets a lot of offers. She usually has her pick of guests. Me, on the other hand, well, owning the place I pretty much get my pick too, now that I think about it." She winked and Carolyn giggled.

"Cool. I want to work here when I grow up!"

"You will not!"

"Why not, mom?"

She sputtered a bit in reply.

"Anyway, the subject at hand is you two. So you've had sex huh?"

Her mother looked resigned. "A couple of months ago. My husband was away on business and we had been sort of fooling around all night. I went to go take a shower to cool off and suddenly the door opened and there was Carolyn, totally naked and coming into the room like it was nothing."

"I was actually really nervous," she admitted.

"So were you surprised?" Susan asked, leaning forward a little.

"Uh, yeah? Shocked is more like it. 'What are you doing?' I asked her. What was it you said?"

"Joining you, I think. I don't really remember."

"So did you let her stay?"

She nodded. "I thought it was weird, but she slid the door open and joined me. I washed her hair, I just love her hair…" She trailed a hand through it.

"I love it too!" admitted Susan. "It must be heavy, inconvenient, and be a mess of tangles all the time. But it looks really good on you."

"Thanks! And it's all of those things all right."

"So what happened then?"

"You really want to hear this?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Okay, I guess. After I washed her hair I was going to wash her and grabbed the puff, but she took it away from me and just said 'use your hands, mom.'"

"And you did?" Susan imagined this cute little girl, dripping wet with her hair all stuck together and dark from being washed, with her mom's hands running up and down her slick body.

"God help me, I did. It was just such a surreal scene, I couldn't even believe it was happening at the time."

"It felt really good," Carolyn put in.

"I can imagine."

"After that we sat and dried her hair, and she took my hand as we headed to the bedroom. I figured she would head back to her own room but when I tried to pull my hand away she just grabbed it tighter."

"I told her I wanted to sleep with her that night, and we both got into bed, still holding hands," Carolyn explained. "We were facing each other and my heart was going a million miles an hour."

"I didn't know what to expect, but we were laying there in the dark facing each other and she softly said 'I really love you mom.' I told her I loved her too, and suddenly she was… was…"

"I kissed her," Carolyn giggled, putting her hands over her mouth. "I think that really surprised her."

"You have no idea. I thought she was just, you know, kissing me good night but then she didn't pull away and the kiss sort of went on and on and… things sort of got more intense from there."

"So you both had an amazing night, is what you're saying."

"I sure did!" agreed Carolyn. "Mom said we couldn't ever do that again, and wouldn't talk about it the next day."

"I can see that," admitted Susan. "What made you do all that in the first place, anyway?"

"I love her," she explained, as if it was that simple. "And I wanted to show her just how much. Kissing and stuff, that's what her and dad do all the time. Why can't I do it with her too?"

"Because someone hundreds of years ago decided you shouldn't."

"That's stupid."

"Probably. But that's how it is."

She lapsed into silence, looking down.

"So anyway, now you know," her mom went on. "The rest you can probably guess."

"Maybe? You want to find her someone here? Satisfy her and she can stop hounding you about it?"

"What? No! She's been bugging me even since then to do it again!"

"Yeah, I want to make out with mom again," Carolyn said with a giggle.

"Oh!" Realization dawned on Susan's face. "You thought coming here I might be okay with the idea, given what goes on here."

"Are you?"

Susan considered. "Maybe. I'm considering it."

"How did you start this place, anyway?" asked Carolyn.

"That's easily enough told. You know what prostitution is, right?"

"I think so…"

"It's paying someone to have sex with you. Now, if I were a filmmaker I could pay two people to have sex with each other, film it, and that would be fine. But one person directly paying another? Oh, no, that's bad."

"More of that hundreds of years ago stuff?"

"Exactly. So I thought, what about a place where people could go, have a great time, but still be legal? A hotel, I thought, but with a twist."

Carolyn's mom looked a bit interested, despite herself. "So you opened the Companion Hotel?"

"That's right. Here, every employee from the maids to the chef knows they can be asked at any time to spend the night with a guest. And if respectfully asked and they don't have a prior claim, they're expected to say yes. I've got an app and everything, so you can see my entire staff, schedule a ten minute 'speed date' to 'ask them out,' the whole ten yards. I always go the extra yard," she added with a wink to Carolyn. She giggled.

"Isn't that a little dangerous?"

"Not really. I have two nurses and a full time doctor on staff, and every employee must have monthly STD testing done. Even me. The hotel provides protection at no cost, everyone is expected to use it, and I pay for any birth control methods chosen if insurance doesn't. The nurses hold regular safety workshops, and sex training workshops too!"

"Oh. But actually I meant, you know, someone being raped or something."

"Oh, that kind of danger. I employ a martial arts master to teach self defense classes, too. I also have a security guard for each floor, on a regular patrol, listening for any kind of struggle. They are authorized to open any door at any time to check up on people. It's in the paperwork you have to sign to stay here, that you agree to that."

"What does all that have to do with prostitution?" asked Carolyn.

"That's the beauty of the whole system! My employees are contractually obligated to never accept anything, money, gifts, favors, nothing- for their 'activities.' But nothing says I can't pay my employees whatever I want, so typical salaries are double that of the national average. Of course, that money has to come from someplace, so the rooms are more expensive too. It all works out." She dismissed the concern with a wave of her hand.

"So if one of your employees happens to 'hook up' with a guest after their shift is over, hey, that's their business, right?" asked her mom.

"Exactly. I can't do anything about that," she answered with a grin.

"And if it happens over and over..."

"I can't help how pretty slash handsome some people are. I hired a lot of sexually magnetic people, can't sue me for that!"

"Wow, you're smart!" Carolyn gushed, looking impressed.

"Thanks. I hoped it would work out at least okay, and the hotel seems pretty popular. People come from all over."

"Can't imagine why," grumbled Carolyn's mom. "So are we staying or not?"

Susan weighed her carefully. She seemed to both be wishing for Susan to tell her to go away, and hoping she could stay. She decided she needed a little more information first. "Would you mind waiting out in the hall for a moment? I want to ask your daughter a few things privately."

She looked over at Carolyn. "It's okay mom. I can't go anywhere." She indicated the small office.

"Oh, all right."

"You can wait right outside, it won't take a moment." Susan opened the door for her and her mom went out. Susan closed the door and as quietly as she could, locked it.

Carolyn looked a little nervous, and Susan held both her hands up. "It's okay. I just have to ask you something. Do you want me to call security and have her removed?"

"What? Why?"

"Is her story true? You really are her daughter?"

"Of course I am, who else would I be?"

Susan shook her head. "I don't know, I'm not a mind reader, am I? If you need to get away from her for some reason, now is the time. I need to know before I let you both stay here."

"It's fine, I want to be here. I'm the one that found this place, so we wouldn't have to worry about dad finding out. Mom said even a regular hotel would be dangerous, if someone heard us and called the cops. I figured here with the door closed, no one would know how old I was, and they probably hear that sort of thing all the time."

That much is true, at least. Susan sat down across from her and looked her in the eye. She took her hands and asked seriously, "You're not being forced to say that? She hasn't hurt you, or coerced you into saying these things? Threatened you somehow?"

"No, nothing like that. I love her!"

"And you started this? That night you had sex, she didn't force you into it?"

Carolyn shook her head. "I started it, in the shower like I said. She started touching me and it felt really good, I didn't want her to stop. That's why I followed her into bed, and we were so close and she felt so warm I just had to kiss her." She blushed and looked down, but then met Susan's eyes again, smiling. "And then I really didn't want to stop!"

She seems sincere. "I had to ask."

Carolyn sighed. "I know. It's so stupid. Can't I just love my mom the way I want?"

"Society says… no. Both for your being "of a certain age," and for being mother/daughter. Luckily, you came to see me, and I am only one woman, not society at large."

"So can we stay?" Carolyn's face lit up again.

Susan looked the girl up and down, considering. I guess as long as she really does want this, there's no real harm in it. And they've already done it once, so the "damage" whatever that means is done. And this is a place of tolerance for those that come seeking it. Can I turn her down and still say the spirit of the Companion Hotel is whole? Just because of age? I don't care that they're mother and daughter, I had a brother and sister here a few weeks ago with a similar story, and I let them stay. And do I want to turn her down, given what she represents? That being, a chance for me to have a bit of fun tonight. But would her mom go for it? I suppose I have them over a barrel in either case, I mean they came all the way here right? Never really thought about a teen staying here, never thought it would come up. But I suppose if I stay in business long enough, I'll see just about everybody through here. And she is so cute!

"Probably," she said at last. "Let's let your mom back in before she gets worried."

"Oh thank you, thank you!" Carolyn cried, throwing her arms around Susan in a hug. Oh yes, I could get used to this…

When she let go Susan unlocked the door again and let her mother back inside. Carolyn was bouncing in her chair, and her mother looked at her quizzically.

"She said we could probably stay!"

"Probably?" she asked, looking over at Susan.

"There is one itty bitty concession you're going to have to make." She did an impression of a certain half woman half octopus. "Really just a token, merely a trifle!"

"That's from The Little Mermaid!" complained Carolyn.

"That movie was way before your time, how do you know that?!" Susan complained back at her.

"So? I've only watched it like a dozen times."

"Me too," admitted Susan with a shrug. "That Ariel, am I right?" Carolyn grinned at her.

"What concession?" demanded her mother.

"Weeeeelllll," she drew out, "Carolyn here insists this is all exactly as described. She's just a normal girl, with a normal life, who happens to want to have sex with her mom. I'm inclined to believe her. But, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can stay, but to make sure everything stays all ponies and rainbows, I'm going to have to include myself in your activities." She shook her head in mock resignation. "It's the only way I can be sure it really is consensual, like she claims. I mean unless you'll let me film it?"

"What?" Carolyn's mom gasped, her hands flying over her mouth. "You want to what?"

"I want you both," Susan said with a grin, pointing at them. More your daughter than you, I've had women before. Someone this young though… that's going to be new. Never was one to pass up a two for one deal though."Owning this place I've been in the beds of all sorts of people. Young, old, men, women. Each with their own story, each with their own reasons for being here. But no one this young, and a mother and daughter to boot? When will I ever get another chance like this one?"

"But… but…" she sputtered. "Another woman? I mean I'm married!"

"What's that?" Susan cupped a hand over her ear. "I'm hearing the voices of people hundreds of years dead again. You're asking me to allow you to have sex with someone outside your marriage. You aren't married to your daughter, after all. Why would adding me in be any different? And you're daughter's a woman, so I know that part doesn't totally turn you off."

She sat down with a thump. "I just… I don't know."

"What about you?" she asked Carolyn. "This is, after all, your show."

"Gee, I don't know either. I mean, I just wanted my mom. But I suppose having you there wouldn't be that much more weird, right?"

"As long as you'll both think it over. I'll tell you what; take a couple of hours to consider, I don't need an answer right this second, and you guys have all night to play. You're not jumping into bed with each other at this hour of the day. I'll get you a room so you can put your luggage away and you can enjoy the pool, or play some video games in the arcade I've got set up. Whatever. Have dinner brought to your room and I'll be the one to deliver it. You can give me your final decision then. We eat, and if I can stay we can all sleep in one bed." She leaned over to Carolyn and whispered "They're very comfortable, naturally!" She straightened up again. "If not, well, you got to stay in the finest hotel in the area, have some great food because I hire the best, but you sleep apart. I'll even make the offer more attractive. You can stay on the house if I spend the night with you both. How does that sound?"

"A little like blackmail?"

"Huh? Blackmail would be me filming you both without you knowing and then demanding money after you left to not call the cops. I'm going to be there with you, I can't blackmail myself. I'm just letting you stay in my hotel free of charge- for absolutely no reason. Maybe you're our ten thousandth guest or something. I don't know."

"I guess if it's the only way…" she began, looking over at her daughter.

"We can talk about it mom, for now which way to the pool?"

I bet all that hair looks gorgeous floating in a cloud around her head underwater.

"Let me get you both a keycard first." Susan went over and programmed two cards, handing them over to the pair. "You're in room 319, and the card will open a locker for you to put your clothes in. As a note the pool is no swimsuits allowed, and the majority of people here are men. It's pretty quiet at this time of day though. I hope that's okay?"

"There aren't going to be people… you know… in the pool are there?"

Susan shook her head. "The rules are posted everywhere. No intimate contact outside of rooms, especially in the pool." She winked at Carolyn again. "Unless it's reserved for that, after hours." Carolyn got a wicked little smile on her face.

But her mother was more practical, looking at the card. "If the card opens the locker, and we have to be naked, where do we put the card? Just leave it with a towel and hope someone doesn't walk off with it?"

"This is an upscale hotel you know," Susan said with mock outrage. "The locker takes the card and your picture. When you come back it takes your picture again. If they match you get the card and your stuff back. That way you don't have to carry anything. You can pick up a towel at the pool when you're ready to dry off. You don't need to carry one."

"Cool," said Carolyn.

"I guess if it works."

"It was a custom solution. I employ some tech people too, to maintain the website, and the network around here, and whatever else I need them to do."

"Just how expensive are the rooms here?"

Susan laughed. "If you have to ask…"

She nodded. "You can't afford it, I get it. Is there a guard at the pool?"

"There's a lifeguard. Don't worry, she takes martial arts too. The men won't bother you, at least, beyond polite conversation anyway. Not unless they want to get reported and thrown out."

She looked at her daughter. "I suppose you'll find out what they look like sooner or later."

"What, guys? Mom, I already know." She laughed. "What do you think the internet is for?"

"Oh, God!" Her mother colored again.

And so Susan let them go, and they went to the elevator to go up to their room. As the doors closed Carolyn gave Susan a big smile and a little wave, and she waved back. With the doors closed she went to do a few things, like assigning herself to be the "maid" for that room, so she would be notified when they called room service. She also reassigned the regular person, and entered the room as occupied in the system so it didn't get double booked.

Time started to go really slowly as Susan kept imagining what might happen later that night, and finally a half hour had passed so she went up to the pool to make sure her two guests were doing all right. She found Carolyn and her mother splashing each other and having fun, and nodded, satisfied. She didn't get close enough to really see anything, and the water mostly hid them anyway.

Patience, Susan, you'll see her soon enough.

An hour later she checked up on them again, and found Carolyn's mom lounging in a chair while a couple of guys were totally flirting with her daughter.

Soaking up that artificial light!

"Everything okay?" she asked, indicating Carolyn with a nod of her head.

"I think she's loving the attention. Everyone wants to know what she's doing here, but she won't tell them, of course. I'm pretty sure she's been, uh, politely propositioned a few times. And naturally she had to go ask the lifeguard if she got asked to people's beds a lot."

"Oh, undoubtedly," answered Susan. "Not that I keep track of that sort of thing, or anything." Her eyes darted back and forth. "As long as you two are enjoying yourselves."

She nodded. "It wasn't as weird as I thought it would be."

"What, sharing a pool with a bunch of naked guys? Nah, clothes are overrated. Once they come of everybody they're all equal again, so who cares? Anyway, I have to get back to work if I'm taking the night off. See you later!"

At about four thirty Susan changed into her own maid outfit (as she sometimes worked as a "maid" and got asked to send the night with someone, and little did they know it was the owner. She just wanted to occasionally see what her employees went through, and so far everything was going as planned.) and waited for their call to bring up dinner. She couldn't concentrate on her spreadsheets and kept bouncing around the office. Getting up, looking at the clock, checking her hair, sitting down again. Finally the call came in and Susan went to collect the cart to bring to 319.

"Room service," she called, knocking on the door.

Susan's mother opened it a crack. "Oh, I thought it was going to be- wait, it is you!"

"It is me! May I come in?"

"Of course." She opened the door wide. "But why are you-"

"Your daughter did express her preference for a maid, did she not?" she asked with a grin. "Well, here I am!"

"I have my own maid, I have my own maid!" singsonged Carolyn, jumping up from the couch. Susan looked between the two, and while her mother had put her clothes back on, Carolyn was totally naked, and Susan liked what she saw.

"Yeah, she wouldn't get dressed again. Walked back here in a towel and has been naked ever since," explained her mother. "As it's a sort of special occasion I allowed it."

"I'm not complaining," Susan assured her, finding it hard to take her eyes off the girl. Her skin was smooth and flawless, hardly tanned because summer had really only just begun. Her chest had only the merest bumps leading down to a slightly narrowed waist and cute little pussy. And those legs, those long, strong, beautiful legs Susan couldn't wait to be running her hands over. She'll probably be pretty tall, with legs that long. "By the way, how old are you?" she asked, closing the door behind the food cart.

"Eighteen. I'll be Nineteen in a couple of months."

"Be sure to invite me to the party!" Susan joked. "So, what do you think?" She gave a twirl, and Carolyn clapped appreciably.

"The service is great here, and the maids are all so pretty," she said, pretending to write in a small notebook. "Note to self, figure out if I should recommend to all my friends to try to keep the place all to myself. What to do…"

Susan laughed. "Come and eat before it gets cold." Carolyn skipped over to the table.

Her mother "tisked." "At least put some clothes on before we eat."


"Think about it this way," Susan explained. "How is your mom going to slowly and seductively strip your clothes off after dinner if you aren't actually wearing any clothes?"

"I guess that all depends on your staying here the night, now doesn't it?" she slyly hedged, looking at her mother.

"Oh, she can stay," her mother agreed, letting out a big breath. "What would my husband say?"

"Yay! Thanks mom, I love you!" Carolyn hugged her mom and ran off to the other room.

Probably the same thing I did, ask if he can record it to watch it over and over again.

"Thanks, Carolyn's mom!" Susan gushed, heart rate increasing a little and smiling.

"I'm only doing this for her. She'll never stop bugging me otherwise."

Sure, just keep telling yourself that.

Moments later, after Susan had set the table for them all, Carolyn reappeared in a mostly strapless dress and seeming almost shy for the first time. Her arms were bare and the dress was held up by a simple black cord that went around her neck and into the front. The top part was a light blue, then it was ruffled in alternating layers, three black and white polkadots, three with a darker blue stripe pattern. She had on dark stockings but was barefoot, and a thick white hairband held her hair back. Her mother looked her over.

"Oh, that's what you had in the bag you wouldn't show me." Then she looked back to Susan. "Now I feel underdressed."

Don't worry, we'll all be taking them off soon.

"Yeah mom, I wanted to dress up for you. Do… do you like it Susan?" she asked, coming over to hesitantly.

"I sure do," she answered honestly. "You've very pretty no matter what you wear."

"Thanks!" Her face lit up and suddenly she was her old self again, twirling to show off and bouncing in her seat.

The three sat down to eat, but all were too excited to eat very much. Both complemented her on the food, and she said she did hire the best! Finally Susan cleared the plates away and put them back on the cart, and both mother and daughter were sort of at a loss as to what to do now.

Susan laughed, grabbing one hand from each of them. "Come on, you two. Don't chicken out on me now!" She started pulling them towards the couch.

"It's just it happened so naturally the last time," protested Carolyn's mom.

"Yeah, I'm sorta nervous right now," admitted Carolyn. Susan noticed she was shaking a little.

"Hey, me too. It's always different and always new, and you two are the newest. Carolyn's mom, you sit here." Susan let go of her hand and gave her a little push, sitting her down on the couch. "Carolyn, you stand right here. That's it. Stay. Staaaay. Stay." Susan let go of her hand and plopped down next her mother, who looked over at her. "Not me! Look at her. Look at your daughter. Look at how beautiful she is right now, in that dress she secretly packed in order to look her best for you." She did. "What was she thinking as she put it on? Was she excited, was she nervous? Was she feeling your fingers slowly caressing those bare arms, up to that strap and slipping it over her head? Was she imagining her tingling skin, revealed inch by inch as you slipped it off her? And those legs, those beautiful, long legs of hers. Can she feel you pulling those stocking off, taking away the light pressure they're under but replacing it with your touch? Can you see yourself doing that?"

"Yes," her mother answered softly.

"Carolyn, look at your mom, imagining all those things about you. But she doesn't have to imagine, does she? You're right there in front of her. You've kissed her, held her in your arms, gone to sleep cradled in her embrace. Are you thinking about kissing her again, right this minute?"


"Get a little closer. That's it. Take your mom's hands, just like that. Feel them, are they warm? Is she nervous? There's no need to be, look into each others eyes. Yes, a little closer. See the love you both have for each other? Carolyn, you were actually inside your mother for nine months. Right inside her! You can be almost that close again, she's right there. You're almost touching now, you're so close. No more need for thought now, just close your eyes, both of you, a little closer…"

The two melted into each others embrace, their lips coming together softly, eagerly. Susan smiled, watching for a moment but then getting up and turning the light down. There was only the faintest glow illuminating the two, and Carolyn was now kneeling atop her mother's legs, dress pushed up around her thighs, as the two hungrily pulled each other closer and closer. Susan came back to them, kneeling down to gather Carolyn's hair and move it to one side. "You two look so amazing like that," she whispered into Carolyn's ear. "You just keep that up." She gently took the hairband from atop Carolyn's head and set it aside, then gently ran her fingers across her scalp and down, following that waterfall of hair. It was just as soft and nice to touch as Susan had hoped, and she breathed in the light hint of shampoo still lingering there. Bringing her hands back up she moved them across Carolyn's back and down her bare arms, feeling that smooth skin under hands. She brought them back and went into her armpits, wiggling her fingers and causing Carolyn to laugh into her mother's mouth and squirm a little while she was tickled. Susan bent and gently kissed her neck, still rubbing her arms up and down, up and down.

After a moment of kissing her neck, Susan gathered her hair up and made a quick braid out of it so she could slip it under the elastic band holding the dress up. With that done she lifted it over Carolyn's head and gently pulled the two apart so she could slip it over her head and take it part way down. Her smooth, bare back was revealed, and Susan's fingers traveled up and down that beautiful skin, finding the edges of her shoulder blades and spine, then slipping around front to caress her budding breasts and tiny nipples. Carolyn sighed with pleasure, and allowed herself a moment of feeling her mother's body pressed into her, along with her lips, and the hands of this wonderful stranger that was making this night so special. She broke off kissing her mother.

"Keep undressing me," she whispered, and backed off the couch again until she was standing. She turned to face Susan and put her hands on Susan's face, then gently guided her down to her waiting lips.

Susan was thrilled. This girl's lips were so small and soft, but full of passion as the two began exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. Susan felt her wiggling, and opened one eye to see her mother taking the dress off, leaving Carolyn just in stockings, and then took her place reaching around her from behind. Without the dress in the way she was able to run her hands down the length of her daughter's body, nails and fingertips scrapping across the soft nylon stockings.

It feels a little different, Carolyn thought.

Her mother's hands traveled up and down Carolyn's body several times as she stood kissing Susan, but finally on the way down her mother put her hands inside them, cupping her butt. That tightened the front, making her squirm a little, but her mother didn't let it last as she took her hands out and caught the tops of them in her fingers, drawing them downwards. Carolyn stepped out of them and broke off her kiss with Susan, and both people looked into eyes shining with excitement. Carolyn was now totally naked again, and Susan took a step back to look at her in the dim lighting.

"You're so beautiful," she breathed, wanting to do so much more to this nymphlike creature.

Carolyn just smiled in reply. "My mom next," she said, turning back to her mother and pulling her up again. "You take the top." She went for the button on her mother's jeans, and Susan instead of going around, pressed her body close to Susan's and grabbed the bottom of her mother's shirt.

"Arms up," she said with grin, and her mother complied. With her shirt now nearly off but still across her arms, Susan leaned past Carolyn and stole a kiss from her mother, who seemed a little surprised but accepted it.

"That was a mean trick," she complained when Susan broke it off. But she was smiling as she said it.

"Do it again!" commanded Carolyn, taking her mom's jeans down.

"Yes, mistress," complied Susan, encircling her waist as Carolyn stepped out of the way. They pulled close together and their lips met once again as Susan's fingertips lightly brushed her back on the way up to her bra. She unhooked it but stayed kissing her, feeling the difference between the mother and the daughter. In the span of a minute I've kissed both a mother and a daughter. They really let me join them. I want to see how different they taste. She also helped steady her as she stepped out of her jeans, and Susan reluctantly broke off the kiss, taking the bra with her.

"Together?" asked Carolyn, taking one side of her mother's panties.

"Together," agreed Susan, taking the other. They were pulled down, and Susan finally got a good look at a now naked Carolyn's Mom.

"Oh, very nice," she purred, her eyes tracing the swell of her breasts, down past her belly button and to her hairless pussy.

"You shaved!" exclaimed Carolyn excitedly. "You're the greatest, mom! Oh, that's going to be so much better, I can't wait!"

"Enough about me," she admonished with a finger in the air. "Isn't there something wrong with this picture?" Both looked over at Susan.

"Yeah! Strip the maid!"

Susan held her arms out to the side and accepted her uniform being taken off by the two, working together. Susan now stood as naked as the others, thrilled at seeing them both admiring her as she had admired them earlier. She too was of course totally bare, and kept in shape with swimming and martial arts classes. She looked pretty good, and she proud of her body. "Come on you two," she said, grabbing each around the waist. "Why stare when you can feel? Let me show you how soft our beds are."

The three stepped past the clothes that were now strewn everywhere on the way to the bedroom. Carolyn slipped out of Susan's grasp and jumped onto the bed, laying down on her back. She threw her arms open dramatically.

"Take me, both of you. I'm yours forever!" She giggled.

The two older women crawled towards her, Susan to the left and her mother to the right, and both ran a hand from her cute little toes up her leg and across her chest. Carolyn shivered and closed her eyes. "More." Both older woman looked at each other and crawled to either side, then began slowly kissing their way up either leg, gently biting and licking her smooth, flawless skin.

"Oh, that feels sooooo good," Carolyn cooed. "Keep… keep going please." The two women didn't need any urging, kissing their way up to the moist pussy, but giving it only the merest of kisses on the way up. "No, please!" she pleaded, spreading her legs now. "There! There!"

Carolyn's mom looked questingly at Susan, who nodded. "But I want to switch in a minute, no fair hogging her!"

Susan continued kissing her way up Carolyn's body as her mother gently began licking her pussy, causing her to moan wordlessly. She swirled a nipple with her tongue, first sucking her chest as hard as she could, then easing off and gently teasing it with her lips, teeth, and tongue. She moved to the other, all the while stroking Carolyn's body up and down as far as she could. Finally she moved back to her lips, gently kissing her and muffling her moans. But after only a moment she pushed Susan away. "Switch please. I'm so close. I want to kiss my mom."

With a final peck, Susan switched places with the other woman and fitted her mouth over Carolyn's waiting pussy. She alternated plunging her tongue in as far as it could go, then lightly flicking her clit and sucking it over and over. She wanted to keep Carolyn on the edge as long as she could, wanted to taste this beautiful girl as long as she could, drive her out of her mind with pleasure. It seemed to be working, and Carolyn's cries, now muffled by her mother's mouth, grew more frantic. Her skin had been getting slick with sweat, and Susan's tongue plunged easily through her moist opening. Finally she relented, focusing on the young girl's button and driving her over the edge. Susan felt the orgasm through Carolyn's body, pulsing and raging as she allowed herself to totally let go. She eased her down gently, finally withdrawing and getting back on her knees.

"That was… the best," gulped Carolyn, getting her breath back. "You're both so amazing!"

Susan crawled back up and lay on her side next to Carolyn, snuggling close to her as her mom snuggled into the other side of her, and waited while she recovered. All of their legs were now entwined, and both older woman couldn't stop smiling at each other as they both continued teasing Carolyn's nipples, fingers coming together on her small chest. Finally Carolyn hopped out and commanded them to "scoot together" which they did, laying on their backs with their closest arms touching. They clasped hands as Carolyn locked their legs together with her own and started teasing both pussies with her fingers.

Susan shivered with pleasure, feeling those tiny fingers dancing about, now lightly touching, now hard, now plunging inside her and wiggling delightfully. She had her eyes closed, and Carolyn's mother must have been really enjoying it because she was giving little gasps of pleasure, and suddenly Susan knew why. She felt Carolyn's mouth over her slit, and a low moan escaped her lips as both tongue and fingers started working her. Back and forth Carolyn went between her mother and Susan, each time staying a little less, but coming back quicker in exchange. With the light touch of her fingers keeping them excited, but her mouth raising the intensity in waves, each time she left them a little higher until both felt as they would explode if they didn't get release soon.

Soon. Oh don't leave. Oh God, no, right there, yes.

Both woman were so close, and turned their heads while rolling over just enough so their lips could meet, tongues eagerly darting out to swirl together. Carolyn paused, looking them both over and keeping her touch light to keep them where they were. Her mom was so beautiful, and watching her kiss this other woman, hearing her moans of pleasure that she knew she was causing, smelling her, tasting her- she felt so amazing right now, to be a part of this. That her mother had agreed to allow a stranger into this, for her, and to find it working out so well-

"Please baby," her mother cried. "Just a little more!"

Carolyn grinned and attacked her mom's pussy again, driving her over the edge while she increased the intensity of her other hand, causing both woman to stiffen and let out a long, shuddering breath as they went over the edge together. Finally they collapsed, eyes shining, and Carolyn withdrew her fingers slowly. They were both looking up at her, smiling with pleasure, and she slowly put her fingers into her mouth and sucked them.

"You're pretty good at that," Susan managed.

"Thanks! I gonna kiss my mom for a bit, if that's okay?"

"As long as I get a turn!"

They all smiled and Carolyn kissed her way up her mom's body, settling on top of her and wrapping her arms around her. They kissed, and Carolyn felt Susan roll to her side and start playing with her hair, arranging it to fall to either side of her so her back was uncovered. Then it was a hand, fingers gently trailing up and down her back, across her butt, down her legs. She gave a little shiver as sometimes she would linger softly between her legs, like a promise, but then went back to kneading her pert upraised ass. They kissed for some time, just coming down from their high, and then she switched over to Susan.

Susan felt the weight of this wonderful girl all across her body as their lips came together. She pulled them closer, hands on her butt then moving up to her back and shoulders. The weight felt good, pushing her into the softness of the bed underneath, she was just the right weight for this. Now it was her turn to be tented under that wonderful hair, which her mother began arranging just as she had done. It surrounded her, teased her skin, made her more aware of this tiny angel she was now so connected to.

Time was acting so funny for her now. Did they kiss for minutes or hours? It seemed both and as Carolyn pushed herself up Susan felt it wasn't enough. Never enough, as this beautiful girl looked down at her and smiled. "You and mom next, I want to watch."

But I just want more of you.

Patience, there's still plenty of time.

Susan now turned to Carolyn's mom as she crawled to the side, the two of them coming together. How different, she thought, as their breasts pressed close together. But just as nice. As they made out she felt Carolyn's hands touching them both, running back and forth across both bodies.

"Let me taste you," her mother whispered, breaking off their kissing. Susan nodded and both scooted down the bed a little more to the center, where Susan turned around and lay her head between Carolyn's mother's legs.

"Oh yeah, that's so cool!" exclaimed Carolyn as she put her weight fully on Carolyn's mother and they both began licking and biting the other. Her pussy was smooth and wet, and Susan, arms wrapped around the mother's legs was able to caress the edges of her pussy lips and spread them, inserting a finger even as her tongue danced about her clit. Carolyn put a pillow under her mother's back so she would be more comfortable, and watched from various angles as both swiftly brought the other to orgasm.

With Carolyn again in the middle both older women recovered while stroking and caressing the younger, until she was squirming and begging them to stop teasing her. This time it was her mother that went between her legs, and Susan positioned herself so she could be licked by Carolyn while again bringing her mother to a wonderful high.

With that, Susan went and turned the lights totally off while the other two slipped under the sheet. Susan joined them so Carolyn was in the middle, and they happily fell asleep in each others arms. Warm, secure, and satisfied, all three went to sleep with a smile of contentment.


The next morning, after a bit more fun and showering together, Susan invited the pair to stay again. As long as they didn't abuse it, they could always stay for free as long as she was included. Her mother thanked her for the offer, warmly agreeing they would probably be back, causing Carolyn to bounce excitedly and thank her mother over and over. Both thanked her, for the room, for understanding, and for the amazing night, and Susan thanked them right back and hoped to see them again.