Negroes don't speak

Negroes don't speak up here.

Negroes don't speak up here.

Over the weekend, a person posted what I called racist content, so upon reflection, I have to apologize for that knee jerk reaction.  I should have pointed out the person was an antisemite and a racist.  The person posted an image depicting a white Aryan male taking a woman of color from behind while performing the Nazi salute.  The only wording visible was "Nazi Nigger," a derogatory combination of words.  When addressed, the person just said "sticks and stones" referencing the opening lines of a child's fable.

Ask any Jew if the word Nazi in the context of the image would cause discomfort from knowing that word caused 10 million deaths of "mud people" 6 million of them of the Jewish faith.  What happened to their culture still sends shock waves throughout their society when fascists deny the Holocaust ever existed.  For Afro-Americans, the word Nigger is not just a word it is associated with lynching, church bombings, cross burnings, and firebombing homes and businesses.

The two words married in the image and the cavalier attitude of the person shows how little that person understands words do and can hurt because of what groups of people have had to survive in the aftermath of those words existing.  Lynched people typically had the word Nigger on a sign hung around their neck or attached somehow to their bodies.  In the 20th Century, many of the lynching pictures published in the local newspaper with little children (white children) in their Sunday best upfront and center to the spectacle smiling and pointing.

I was banned, from a room because of a posted image which was tasteless and very inappropriate.  Glad there is a wide selection of places to enjoy MIC.  You can ban, but you cannot silence the truth about racist and anti-Semitic comments or images.